House Plants That Cleans Molds From Your Home’s Air In South Florida

8 House Plants that Can Remove Mold From Your South Florida Home

House Plants That Cleans Molds From Your Home's Air In South Florida-a-pink-aglonema
A Pink Aglaonema

What Causes House Mold

Studies have shown that in the U. S., about 70% of homes contain certain levels of mold, besides being responsible for certain health issues house mold is responsible for structural damage that is estimated to be about $3.7 billion annually. With the many health issues that house mold causes and the cost of structural damage, it’s important that we do all that we can to prevent mold issues. No matter how small the steps we take can pay off in big ways that can prevent the many issues when it comes to house mold control.

A great and natural way to mold control is the introduction of plants in our indoor living space, indoor plants have many benefits, besides controlling mold indoor plants will help to pull or filter toxins out of the air making indoor air purer which will promote good health.

Indoor plants also add to the beauty of our indoor environment bringing total change that can contribute to or boost our mental health. With so many benefits that indoor plants offer it’s no wonder why many homes and other business establishments including resorts, restaurants, etc… are using plants as a part of their interior design.

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Signs of House Mold

What are some signs of house mold or what can lead to house mold?

  • Mold development is encouraged in places that have a lot of moisture, for example, pipe leaks
  • Leaks in roofs
  • Wood products
  • Leaks in windows
  • Mold grows in dust, drywall, fabric, insulation, carpet, paints, upholstery, wallpaper, etc…
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Bathroom walls
  • Molds will also grow on paper products such as cardboard

What Health Issues that House Molds Causes

If you have any of these issues it’s best that you contact your healthcare provider, symptoms can be brought on by house mold or other hazards

  • Throat irritation
  • Headache
  • Itching
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue
  • Wheezing and difficulty breathing
  • Nasal and sinus congestion
  • Skin irritation for example a rash
  • Cough
  • Watery eyes
House Plants That Cleams Molds From Your Homes Air In South Florida-a-peace-lily
A Peace Lily

1. Peace Lilies

The peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) is a showy plant that produces large dark green leaves and beautiful milk-white flowers, this is one garden beauty that I have come to love working with on many garden projects. This popular indoor plant origins can be traced back to the rain forests of Venezuela and Colombia and comprises some 47 species. Peace lilies belong to the family Araceae, most peace lily grows between 1 to 2 feet tall and wide but some cultivars may grow as large as 6 feet tall with the same width. For more on the growth and care of peace lilies continue with the link that has been provided.

2. Golden Pothos

House Plants That Cleans Molds From Your Home's In Sout Florida-a-golden-pothos
A Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos ( Epipremnum aureum) is a popular vine that’s used mostly indoors although pothos can be found growing within landscapes and garden areas, this is another showy plant that I am all too familiar with.

This vine also goes by the name devil’s ivy but I would much rather prefer to stay with the name golden pothos, the golden pothos hails from the Solomon Islands. The color of the leaves is a beautiful yellow marble foliage although I have seen some with solid green leaves.

There are about 15 species of these garden beauties, the golden pothos belongs to the arum family ( Araceae) as a horizontal ground cover this vine grows 6 to 8 feet but the trailing and climbing vines can get up to 4o feet long. For more on the growth and care of the golden pothos continue with the link that has been provided.

3. Spider Plant

House Plants That Cleans Mold From Your Home's Air In South Florida-a-spider-plant
A Spider Plant

The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is a hardy plant that is easy to maintain, this garden beauty is popular for growing from hanging baskets or used around the trunks of larger plants as a fill-in.

The leaves of the spider plant are narrow-strap-shaped arising from a central point, the leaves of the spider plant may be solid green or variegated with length-wise stripes of yellow or white.

This herbaceous perennial is native to coastal areas of South Africa, there are 11 species of spider plants that you can choose from, this plant belongs to the asparagus family  Asparagaceae).  The spider plant can grow to 12-15″ tall with the seem in width. For more on the growth and care of the spider plant continue with the link that has been provided.

4. Snake Plant

House Plants That Cleans Mold From Your Home's Air In South Florida-a-snake-plant
A Snake Plant

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant that will filter indoor air toxins then give the snake plant a try, what I love about this plant is the ease of care, it’s like almost set it and then forget it. The snake plant produces long pointed long leaves that grow in an upright position. The leaves can either be a solid green or a variegated color of green with a beautiful yellow margin.

The snake plant also goes by the name mother-in-law’s tongue, this garden beauty is native to tropical west Africa and belongs to the Asparagaceae (asparagus) family, there are said to be about 70 species of snake plants.

The snake plant can reach heights of 8 inches to 12 feet, and a width of 6-36 inches, these plants are also relatively salt-tolerant. For more on the growth and care of the snake plant continue with the link that has been provided.

5. Orchids

House Plants That Cleans Molds From YOur Home's Air In South Florida-orchid-plants
Orchid Plants

A garden beauty that will give that instant color pop is orchids, these plants are amazing and come in so many color shapes and sizes. The orchid flowers are extremely gorgeous and will put on a show for you.  The 5-star resort where I worked sometime back took advantage of these beautiful plants, by installing them in many areas, what I found to be so impressive about the orchid plant is their ability to grow outdoors from the truck of trees.

It is believed that orchids date back as far as 3.000-4.000 years ago in China or Japan,  orchids are known to be the largest in the family (Orchidaceae) in the plant kingdom consisting of 10.000 species which can be found in the tropics.

Most orchid cultivars don’t produce stems more than 36 inches tall and the leaves tend to grow more than 12 inches long, the presence of these plants in a home setting will give a feel of the tropics. For more on the growth and care of the orchids continue with the link that has been provided.

6. Aglaonema

House Plamts That Cleans Mold From Your Home's Air In South Florida
An Aglaonema Plant

Aglaonemas are a hardy plant that’s low maintenance, if the soil is allowed to dry out even going a week without water will still look great. Aglaonemas are popular for being used as an indoor plant. There are 21 species of these plants, aglaonema comes in different shades of green, silver, pink, red stripes, hot pink, and also a combination of various colors.

These slow-growing evergreens are native to Southeast Asia and belong to the arum family Araceae, the leaves of the aglaonema can grow up to 2 feet long, and the plant including the width typically grows 1-3 feet tall with the seem in diameter.

Aglaonemas also goes by the name Chinese Evergreen,  For more on the growth and care of the aglaonema continue with the link that has been provided.

7. Bamboo Palm

House Plants That Cleans Molds From Your Home's Air In South Florida-bamboo-leaves
Bamboo Palm Leaves

Bamboo cane palms can also get the job done for you, the bamboo palm is a favorite for the interior but if sufficient light is not provided along with going for a week or 2 without water will begin to drop leaves. Bamboos however once taken care of will thrive and look their best, their leaves are narrow and slender and can really put on a great display.

This palm also goes by the name Chamaedorea seifrizii and belongs to the Araceae family, there are more than 100 species from which to choose. If growing indoors the bamboo palm can reach heights of 7 feet tall and a width of about 4 feet.

I have worked with the bamboo palm on several garden projects indoors and what I love about these palms is their nice rich bushy green leaves that give that tropical feeling. This palm will bring that wow.   For more on the growth and care of the bamboo palm continue with the link that has been provided.

8. Boston Fern

House Plants That Cleans Molds From Your Home's Air In South Florida-boston-ferns
Boston Ferns

Boston ferns have also made their way on this list of plants that will help to prevent house mold, Bostoon ferns belong to the family Lomariopsidaceae. Frens can not only be used as indoor potted plants but will enhance outdoor areas for example near a water feature, a pond, a rock garden, or in the area of a swimming pool.

When taken care of this garden beauty will become fluffy, the leaves of Boston ferns are sword-shaped blue-green. the foliage or the leaves contains tiny leaflets and grows erect arching only when fronds grow larger.

Boston ferns are native to the Americas, It’s believed there are 10, 560 known fern species, Boston ferns can reach 1-3 feet in height with a span or width of 2-3 feet. Ferns are known to be invasive if installed in an outdoor or indoor plant bed so when installing outdoors give them their own bed and sufficient space for proper growth. For more on the growth and care of the Boston ferns continue with the link that has been provided.

Bonus Just for You

  • When installing indoor plants place them near a west or south-facing window to take advantage of the light coming from outside.
  • If sufficient natural lighting is not available then the installation of grow lights can work just as well.

How to Prevent molds in your South Florida Homes

Because molds can cause many health issues including structural damages that can be expensive to fix to help with these issues keep the humidity levels in your home low, at least no higher than 50% during the day hours. The use of a dehumidifier or air condition will help greatly, these devices can be purchased from

The final word on house plants that clean molds

House plants are a real blessing, it’s amazing how indoor plants can completely change the environment of our indoor living space, the eight plants that we looked at will help to keep both you and your home sound. If you have not as yet then why not give these eight plants a try you will be happy with the results as these plants go to work for you, this is also another way to connect with nature indoors. I believe that every home should take advantage of installing some of these plants that have proven to work, with that said let’s get started by encouraging a clean environment with indoor plants


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  1. Wow! I did not that you could use plants to fight of mold. I always thought you always needed some chemical filled ingredients cleanser from the store. I will have to get myself a aglaonema as It will for sure upgrade the aesthetic of my home as my home is currently boring! Love that it is it is low maintenance as I am working 24/7 and get to save time as it will prevent me from cleaning mold and the addition of a low maintenance plant that helps out and looks stellar!

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