How Do You Extend A Corona Tree Pruner

Corona Tree Pruner Extention Guide

How Do You Extend A Corona Tree Pruner-corona-tree-pruner
Corona extend tree pruner & pole saw

The corona tree Extention pruner and pole saw is a tool that’s used to reach those hard ( branches and limbs that are not easily accessible) to reach places such as branches and limbs that are far above ground level and require an extension tool that cuts with precision. This tool makes those pruning jobs so simple.

I have used these tools on garden projects and to be honest with you it made my job easier as I reach branches and limbs that were in difficult spots. If you have a lot of pruning to do throughout the year or even during the fall months then I recommend the corona tree pruner & saw extension. You will be so happy with the results as those pruning jobs are made easy and simple. For more on how to use a corona tree pruner including how to extend this tool for those hard-to-reach limbs and branches continue reading.

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 Wood Sizes can Corona Tree Pruner cut

The corona pole saw blade can easily cut branches and limbs from 1-9 inches, what I love about this tool is that for thinner branches that are difficult for the saw to cut because of the branch’s flexibility of moving back and forth that’s where the pruning hook jumps into action. How the pruning hook work is by ensuring that the branch is in between the pruning hook blade.

Once the branch is in between the pruning hook’s blade, with your other hand give a somewhat firm pull or tug on the string or pulley, once this action is taken this causes the pruning hook’s blade to cut the branch.

How do you Extend a Corona Tree Pruner?

To extend your corona tree pruner is really easy, grip the lower part of the pole handle below the black plastic coupler, with your other hand twist the top coupler counterclockwise to loosen. Now slide the top part of the pole out until you have the desired length, once this is achieved turn the top coupler clockwise until tight to secure. Remember (lefty loosey and righty tighty) this will aid in helping you to know which way to turn to tighten or loosen the coupler.

Safety First

Before taking on those pruning jobs, especially where you’re cutting limbs and branches overhead it’s always good to ensure that you’re equipped with the right safety gears. A long pants and a long sleeve shirt can help if any branch or limb should come in contact with your body as it falls to avoid bruises, a pair of strong leather gloves to protect your hands, and goggles or safety glasses to protect your eyes. You may also what to wear a hat to protect against the sun ray, depending on the size of the branches or limbs you’re cutting consider wearing a hard hat to protect your head from injury.

Never leave your corona tree extend pruner hanging in the tree when not in use because the pruner may dislodge and make contact with you or someone else that’s on the ground which may lead to injury.

How to Use a Corona tree pruner & pole saw

  • When using your corona tree pruner & pole saw extend the pool to the desired length by following the instructions, don’t stand directly under the branch/limb that’s to be cut because there is a great chance once the branch/limb is cut and falls may make contact with your body causing injury, therefore, stand a foot or two from the branches/limbs that’s to be removed
  • Once the pole saw is extended lock in place

Corona Tree Pruner and Pole Saw Extention Advantages

  • Has a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Can reach those hard-to-reach places especially if you don’t have a ladder or if you’re working alone
  • Can cut various branch sizes
  • The pulley reduces the amount of strength needed when making the cut meaning you will use less energy
  • 2 in 1 garden tool
  • This tool is lightweight making it easy as you make those overhead cuts
  • The saw is razor sharp
  • The parts are replaceable
  • The corona tree pruner and saw will have you gardening like a pro

Corona Tree Pruner and Pole Saw Extention Disadvantages

  • In some cases and depending on how far out the pole has to be extended the pole may lose stability to make a clean cut
  • The pole tends to bend especially if extended to the full length when in use

The final word on how do you extend a corona tree pruner

The corona tree pruner and pole saw extension is the tool for you, I love this tool because it makes pruning your trees and shrubs in hard-to-reach places a breeze. Try it for yourself, you will be so happy with the results as you finish those pruning jobs quickly. To Purchase Your Very Own Corona Tree Pruner and Pole Saw Extention Purchase Now On Amazon.


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  1. Thank you so much for this blog on how to extend the corona tree pruner.  This is very helpful information because it makes the job easier when pruning trees.  It’s stressful when you are using a tool that just is not long enough to get the job done, and that happens often when it comes to pruning trees.


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