How Do You Germinate Store Bought Coconuts

Guide to Grow Store-Bought Coconuts

How To Germinate Store Bought Coconut-a-coconut
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Drinking coconut water is so nice and refreshing especially on a hot summer’s day, besides drinking the water the flesh or the pulp of the coconut is delicious, especially jelly coconuts. The flesh of the coconut is used in many pastries and recipes for its amazing taste but where did coconuts first originate?

It’s believed that coconuts were first cultivated in the Pacific and islands in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, these palms thrive best in tropical regions. Coconut trees are not only great to plant inland but are ideal for coastal areas because of their ability to withstand salt spray.

The coconut tree is a member of the palm family, there are said to be more than 13 species of coconut palms some of which are dwarf reaching heights of 15-20 feet. It’s estimated that these palms have a life span of 40-50 years while the taller trees grow to a height of 50-60 feet with a life expectancy of 60-80 years.

How do you Germinate Store-Bought Coconuts?

It all begins with choosing the right coconut for success, the coconut that is chosen should still have the husk on it. (the coconut husk is known as choir, is a natural fiber that’s found between the shell and the outer layer of the coconut). Shake the coconut as well and listen carefully for the sound of water moving about on the inside.

You will need a pot or container to plant your coconut, the container that is chosen should have drain holes for excess water to drain. The container should also be large enough for your coconut to sit comfortably, a container that’s 7- gallon or larger is ideal, this extra space will give the coconut palm’s roots adequate room to spread as it develops.

The potting mixture should be 40% coarse sand and 60% soil, fill your container with this mixture, the coconut should be planted with the eye pointing upwards. Your coconut should be planted halfway down in the mixture, once your coconut has been planted keep the soil moist by watering it frequently.

However don’t overwater which can lead to root rot, the container should be placed in a well-light area that’s warm, the temperature should be anywhere from 70-90 degrees or even higher for the coconut to germinate, remember the warmer the better.

Care of your Coconut Palm Tree

1. Once your coconut palm starts to grow water frequently as was discussed above, try to avoid watering to the point where the soil is waterlogged or saturated which can lead to rot.

2. Because coconut palms are heavy feeders providing them with the proper nutrients is important, a complete fertilizer is ideal. Fertilizers that provide the basic nutrients plus trace nutrients such as boron, manganese, and magnesium are ideal.

3. Coconut palms are sensitive to the cold, during the cold months secure your coconut palm in an area that’s warm with good lighting keeping it from the draft. Once the weather warms up take the container outdoors and place it in a sunny location.

Harvesting Coconuts

When growing from seed your coconut palm won’t give you a harvest until about 6-10 years time, I know this is a long time but if you stay with it you will reap a harvest. Once your coconut trees start to produce fruits expect it to produce fruits annually or on a yearly basis.

The final word on growing store-bought coconuts

Growing a store-bought coconut is that simple but it will take some time before you can get a harvest the good news is once your coconut tree reaches the fruit-bearing stage you can expect to reap a harvest on an annual or yearly basis. Yes, again it will take some time but it’s worth the wait as you make this fruit a part of your diet that is a win-win for you.


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  1. Hello, thank you for this post. I don’t have the room to have a coconut tree but I could try at my parents house. However 6 to 10 hears to harvest is a long time, it will be a good exercise to develop patience 🙂
    I already have planted an avocado tree in my parent’s house and it is still not ready to harvest, we need to wait a few more years I think, so why not try now with a Palm tree. Thank you for this info!

    • Hello, Johnny so good to see you, although some edible plants may take a few years to grow the good news is once they start producing you can reap a harvest every year thereafter Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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