How Does The Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower Work

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LM2101 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion cordless -lawn- mower
LM2101 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower

We’re now in the fall months which means working in our gardens to prepare for the winter months as well as next spring and the summer months that are ahead of us, it is important (fall cleanup) that we do all that we can to get a jump start on the season. The benefits of doing a fall garden clean-up is like taking our gardens through a rejuvenation period which will encourage or give our gardens and lawns a renewal or fresh start so to speak that will boost their energy to produce a better yield whether growing flowers, fruits veggies, or herbs.

A part of the fall cleanup that’s sometimes overlooked however is our lawn, our lawns during the fall months need attention also to perform their best once the warmer months arrive. What we do now (fall) is so crucial, one important aspect of fall lawn maintenance is ensuring that our lawns are properly cut which brings us to the next point which is choosing the right lawn mower that will not only make mowing our lawns a breeze but a lawnmower that’s efficient, a high performer and is safe to use (no environment contamination). One such lawnmower is the Ego lm2101.

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 According to Consumers Report for the Ego lm21o1 Lawn Mower

The Ego lm2101 is Consumer’s report top pick for electric battery-powered mowers, the evidence shows that this lawn mower is top-rated for its performance.

How to Operate the Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower

The ego lm2101 lawn mower is very user-friendly, to operate your unit open the battery terminal door and place your battery in the slotted (for battery) area, the battery terminal door which is located at the top or front of the lawn mower. To take your battery out push down on the green button (this is the release button) and it pops out to get recharged, place the battery back in that same area and push it in place. Once the battery is back in place, push the green circular button to power on, next close the lid or terminal door, now push the green button down that’s on the handle next pull the handle and you’re all set to go.

The Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower Charger

The Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower Charger has a sensor that lets you know the percentage of your battery as it charges which I think is pretty cool.

Cleanup and Storage

The bag that collects the grass clippings has a hard plastic bottom and tight mesh sides that make the cleaning process so simple, the grass clippings slide out of the bag very easily with little on your part. When not in use the handle folds flat, the handle can be pushed down to decrease the ego size to store easily or if you have a tight space it can fit upright against the wall.

Wearing Protective Gear

Before cutting your lawn or doing other garden chores for that matter it is best to wear safety gear, always remember that safety is first, A long pair of pants and a long-sleeve shirt, safety eye goggles, good sturdy garden boots, and good gloves are a must. If you’re working with power tools that are very loud then it’s best to wear protective earplugs. A first aid kit should be on hand and nearby also in case of slight bruises or cuts.

How to Cut your lawn

Once you adjust the blade to the proper mowing height but before cutting however walk around your lawn especially if it’s high to ensure there are no objects such as pieces of iron, metal, cans, bottles, large rocks, or other debris that can easily damage the blades or even be thrown as the blade comes into contact which can become a flying object that can cause injury. If these objects are found remove them and dispose of them.

Now that’s completed turn your mower on and begin to mow in one direction and then turn around and mow in the other direction, try to stay in a straight line. Once you reach the end of that line start another line but in a different direction. The reason for mowing like this is because if you continue to mow in one direction the grass will grow in that direction but mowing in one direction and then in the other will encourage your grass to grow healthier and straighter.

Advantages of the Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower

  • Its quite
  • No need to add gas
  • Is battery operated
  • This machine is extremely lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • 6 cutting height adjustment
  • Battery Charge quickly
  • Cuts throw thick grass
  • When not in use the ego lm2101 lawn mower is compact and can be easily folded and stored
  • No fumes meaning no contamination of the environment
  • Collects grass clippings
  • Comes to assemble
  • Can run up to 45 minutes
  • Quick and Easy Push Start

The disadvantage of the Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower

  • The handle must be fully extended to operate
  • Made of plastic

You may also want to have a look at other battery-powered mowers.

The final word on how does the ego lm2101 lawn mower work

The Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower is a winner and will give you want you’re looking for, I recommend this mower to help with not only your fall cleanup but working in your garden during the spring as well as the summer months. You will be so happy with this high performer as you enjoy the many benefits it offers. We have done the homework for you and it’s your time to own one of these units. To do so Buy Now On Amazon.


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  1. Thank you so much for this post about The Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower.  I’ll be honest, this lawn mower really seems like a top notch lawn mower, and not just from an electric side, but even when compared to some seated ones and gas ones too.  This one seems like it can even outdo some of those to be honest.  I like how powerful this law mower is and the fact that the battery last so long on it.

  2. Hello!

    This is a great review. Knowing how the Ego lm2101 Lawn Mower works before making the decision to buy gives me great advantage. I’ve actually been looking for a lawn mower to buy but had no idea of which one I should buy.

    Nevertheless, should I charge EGO battery after every use?

    Thanks for the information.

    • This is a great mower that can get the job done, if your planning on cutting next time for 30 minutes or 45 minutes then you should. But I believe keeping the battery well charged at all times is great.


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