How Much Sun Does Blue Daze Need

Blue Daze Sun Requirements

How Much Sun Does Blue Daze Need-blue-daze-flowers
A blue daze flowering plant

The blue daze evolvulus flowering plant is native to Paraguay and Brazil. This perennial beauty is evergreen and a member of the morning glory family. Another name for the blue daze is the dwarf morning glory.

Blue daze is a tropical plant that produces gray leaves that are fuzzy in appearance with bright blue flowers that bloom from mid-summer through mid-fall. The flowers of blue daze are short-lived but don’t let that give you a blue day because what’s so surprising is that though the flowers are short-lived it is replaced by other beautiful flower blooms the following day which is so unique.

The blue daze plant is a tender non-vining herbaceous perennial that can also be grown as an annual, the blue daze is heat-loving and drought-tolerant. The flowers of this tropical beauty are brilliant blue funnel-shaped, what I love about blue daze is that it produces these beautiful flowers in abundance.

If you’re living in a coastal area and would love a garden plant that can produce an abundance of flower bloom while withstanding the salt sprays (salt-tolerant) then look no further blue daze will go to work for you. Blue daze can be ground as a ground cover, in containers, in baskets can be grown as a border plant in flower beds and other areas of the garden.

How to get Blue Daze to Flower

Because the blue daze flowering plant is a tropical beauty they require the full sun to produce an abundance of flowers, eight hours of sunlight is needed and will encourage flower blooms through the growing season. Sunlight will also help your blue daze to produce and maintain lush (leaves) foliage.

Blue Daze Soil Requirements

Blue daze can survive in a range of soil providing that the soil type has good drainage because blue daze does not like wet feet.

Blue Daze Water Requirements

The soil should be somewhat moist and not waterlogged which can lead to root rot.

Blue Daze Disease Control

The only mean issues are fungal problems because of long periods of rain or soil that is poorly drained which can cause deterioration and death of blue daze. Give blue proper spacing for air circulation because if crowded can also lead to fungal issues.

Blue Daze Pests Control

There are not really any pest issues with blue daze.

Fertilizing Blue Daze

To keep your blue daze plants healthy and blooming I recommend adding a bloom fertilizer when it starts flowering, apply the fertilizer according to the manufactures direction for the best results.

The final word blue daze sun requirements

The blue daze flowering plant is a tropical beauty that can work wonders in your garden, getting the most out of this perennial beauty does require sunlight if you are growing blue daze in a shaded area may be the reason why you’re not getting the amount of flowering blooms you’re expecting. Go ahead and move your blue daze to the right location and watch as your blue daze produce an abundance of beautiful flower blooms.


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