How Much time should You Spend In Your Garden

Maximizing your time in your garden


How much time should I spend in my garden? This is a question especially for those that are just getting started in this hobby. While we may not be able to put an exact or the amount of time that is spent in your garden because of the type of garden which includes style and the amount of work involved it is good to have an average time because if you are maintaining a large garden then you may have to take a day or two instead of overworking yourself trying to complete that garden project in several hours.

I know for you weekend warriors that can’t wait for Friday evening which is getting off time which spells the WEEKEND and the great outdoors this can be so much fun to get away from the office. But as excited as you maybe it is good to approach this task with caution.

Many injuries have been linked to overworking one’s self, if you need help and can find a friend or a family member that shares your interest then, by all means, ask for their help if they are available.

The benefits of working in the garden

There are many benefits when it comes to gardening. For some it is taking a break, getting away from their hectic schedule, and enjoying the great outdoors taking in all that nature has to offer as they relax in an environment that soothes the soul and ease the mind and for others, it is getting down and dirty in a good way of cause.

Gardening also offers the opportunity to get that much-needed exercise. This is a great way to get your heart rate up by being involved with this type of activity. It is recommended that a person should get a least half an hour’s workout in their gardens. Now I know for you more exciting ones who love getting your hands dirty more time may be required.

Just remember if you must go for more than half an hour then go for an hour maybe an hour and a half especially during summer days when temperatures are really high.

Keep an eye out for these things

While gardening may be an exciting hobby keep an eye out for these things.

1. Sun exposure-while it is great to get on the great outdoors keep in mind the longer your in the sun especially during long hot summer days can affect your skin. Even if you are only going to work in your garden for half an hour it is good to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. Also applying sunscreen to your face and your hands offers some help.

2. Wearing a comfortable hat that is fit for the heat offers some help, the use of a hat will keep your head cool even if you are in your garden for half an hour.

3. If you are planning to spend an hour or more in your garden take breaks. I know that you want to get that garden project finish as quickly as possible but again. Working in the sun can really drain a person or even cause heat stroke So taking breaks is so so important. Five to ten-minute breaks are good if you feel you have to take a longer break then, by all means, do so remember SAFETY comes FIRST.

4. This one should be first because before undertaking any work in your garden it is best to have a nice healthy breakfast because this type of work is physically demanding which means you will be exerting a lot of energy that requires(Fule) food to complete the task at hand.

5. It is a good idea to do a few warm-up exercises like stretches. Because you don’t just want to jump in without warming up. This could lead to an injury like strains or pulling a muscle and believe me this can be pretty painful so as excited as you remember to warm up first.

6. Wear shoes that are not only comfortable but was made for this kind of work. The last thing you want is to wear shoes that are uncomfortable when working in your garden because it can spell problems also you want to wear footwear such as garden boots that will protect your feet and toes in case of an accident like having the unfortunate experience of a rock or some garden tool falling on your feet. Trust me this is NOT GOOD.

The final word

While some may agree that a time limit cannot be placed on how much time should be spent in the garden it is good to keep in mind that gardening at times can be physically demanding depending on the task at hand.

Also, sun exposure is also another concern. Those who are first starting out may need some help on how to go about this. Working in the garden is not a hundred-yard dash but can be likened to a marathon depending on the extent of work at hand.

Even the professional who has been at this for a while knows that you ought to take your time and consider all the safety precautions that can make this hobby so enjoyable.

I hope that I shed some light that will be of good help as you spend those weekends and I guess some weekdays working in your garden as you connect with nature reaping a good harvest for your efforts. With that said, let’s start gardening.


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4 thoughts on “How Much time should You Spend In Your Garden”

  1. Gardening can be physically demanding sometimes, that i agree with you. I currently do not own a garden but i i have cultivated a few crops over the years, so i can relate with the idea of gardening. It is a good form of workout and you have good time to think and reflect on life while tending to these wonderful plants. The excitement and fulfillment in growing these plants knows no bound and can’t wait to go into proper gardening. Thanks Norman for sharing this wonderful article

    • Hello Samson so happy to hear  from you and it is good to see that you also spent some time in the great outdoors. You are so right with what you have said. Wishing you all the best of success. Have a good day.

  2. Great info, I spend most of my time working on my laptop and almost everyday, late afternoon, I do gardening. I have found gardening to be my hobby because after hours of work, I feel more refreshed and relaxed doing gardening.

     I had a lot of takeaways from your article. I was not aware that wearing a sun rays protective hat is very important, surely, I hate working under direct sun, so usually I would avoid during hot hours. I think I have to buy a sun hat, after all, it cost only about $5 or so 

    • It is so good to know that you have gardening as your hobby. This is a hobby that has so many benefits. I am so happy that I could help. All the best of success.


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