How To Attract Chipmunks To Your Yard

Tips on attracting chipmunks to your yard

A Chipmunk

In my last article, we looked at how to attract squirrels to your garden and we also discover some fun facts about these little animals but now we turn our attention to attracting chipmunks to our yard, we will be looking at what sets a chipmunk apart from a squirrel along with some fun facts. I promise you this will be exciting.

So you want to attract chipmunks to your yard, this is a great idea because you will be giving nature a helping hand by providing a home and food for wildlife. This method of attracting chipmunks, squirrels, etc… to your yard or garden is known as wildlife gardening and as you will discover is one of my favorite garden types.

Chipmunks are considered to be rodents like squirrels that love to venture into backyard and garden areas but unlike squirrels, chipmunks don’t cause much damage, these furry little animals are also cute and can cause excitement, especially among children.

In attracting chipmunks to your yard you will need the following.

  • Plants
  • Shelter
  • Food Source
  • Water Source

Choosing the right plants

The first step in making your yard inviting to chipmunks is choosing the right garden plants, plants such as sunflowers, daisies, lilies, pansies, etc… will give them a real treat by providing or helping to make up their food source.

Other sources of foods that make up their diet are bird eggs, worms, insects, small frogs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, peanuts grains, and fungi. It is also good to have grasses as they feed on the shoots. The use of evergreens and shrubs along tall grasses will encourage them to use these as a shelter and if possible to hide if they feel threatened. Trees that bear nuts are also a good choice.


As stated earlier the use of tall grasses, evergreens, and shrubs will help in providing the cover or shelter which they need in helping them to feel safe.

Food Source

Besides what has been mentioned above when it comes to a chipmunk food source there is also protein block, special premium food, chipmunk happy acorn, etc which can be purchased from your garden center.

A water source

Providing water for your chipmunk friends is so important, The use of several shallow bowls of water placed near garden plants is so inviting, also the use of a birdbath has proven to be beneficial. Chipmunks will use this water not only to drink but to also take a bath. Changing the water ever so often will discourage mosquitoes from laying their eggs.

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Additional information

The use of harmful chemicals or pesticides should not be used as these chemicals can be detrimental to chipmunks. To control garden insect pests why not consider the use of beneficial insects which is a safe means (biological Control) of getting rid of these pests.

The predators of chipmunks

As cute and adorable as chipmunks there are many animals that are known to be their predators, these predators include.

A chipmunk
  • Hawks
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Foxes
  • Bobcats
  • Owls
  • Weasels
  • Snakes
  • Raccoons
  • Lynxes

The difference between a squirrel and a chipmunk

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1. Squirrels are larger than chipmunks.

2. Chipmunks have strips whereas squirrels have none.

3. Squirrels eat fruits, nuts, insects, and vegetation.

4. Chipmunk also eat plantations along with small animals.

5. Chipmunk’s tails are much busier than that of ground squirrels.

6. Ground squirrels have short ears that do not stick out.

7. Chipmunk has round erected ears.

Chipmunk fun facts

13 cool fun facts about the chipmunks.

1. There are said to be about 25 species of chipmunks.

2. Chipmunks can live anywhere from 2-3 years in the wild.

3. It is said that chipmunks need 15 hours of sleep a day.

4. Chipmunks are not sociable, they prefer to live alone.

5. Chipmunks can climb very well

6. Chipmunks are considered to be rodents.

7. Both parents take care of their young.

8. Chipmunks are great swimmers.

9. Chipmunks keep their burrows clean.

10. The tail of the chipmunk is very fluffy and can reach anywhere from 3 to 5 inches in length.

11. Chipmunks can store up to 8 pounds of food in their burrow.

12. The chipmunk male is called a buck.

13. The female is called a doe.

The final word

Wildlife gardening is truly amazing and will bring your garden and landscape to life, these garden types have proven to work wonders among many homeowners and will also work wonders for you so if you are interested in attracting chipmunks to your yard following these simple but yet effective steps will give you the results which will prove to be beneficial so go ahead and give it a try you will be so happy that you did.


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14 thoughts on “How To Attract Chipmunks To Your Yard”

  1. Thanks for distinguishing between chipmunks and squirrel. I do not know they are different. I always think that chipmunks are a specie of squirrel. However, chipmunks are very beautiful and adorable animal and having them on the farm would surely add beauty to the yards but then, they are a prey to my other animals on the farm and I wouldn’t want to attract them.only to be killed by my fur babies. I’d rather love to but for their safety, I wouldn’t.

    • They are great to have around but so sorry to hear that you can’t maybe you can watch them in the park if there is any. All the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Wow, it’s a good thing to learn about chipmunks. The only knowledge I have about them is Froman old movie I watched, I’m sure you know it. They are really cute and who wouldn’t want to have them give their garden as a home. I think I should stick to your tips on what is needed and hopefully I’ll get some chipmunks over at my garden. Unfortunately, they’re not so sociable. Thank you for giving me information on chipmunks. It’s good to learn about them.

    • Hello, John, I know the movie you are talking about,it was one of my favorite. So happy to help and wishing you the best of success. Have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman,

    Brilliant article topic, wildlife gardenig realy is fascinating! Chipmunks really are the cutest animals going! Sunflowers are something that should easily grown in my garden (a few of my neigbours have them) and I’ll look in to chipmunk happy acorn or anothr food brand, is there anywhere online you can recommend to buy the food, as I’ll likely just put a monthly order on repeat as supposed to making regular garden centre trips.

    • So happy that you love the idea, trust me this will be so exciting. You can order from amazon, Please let me know how it goes and have a good day.

      • I love that I found your site about chipmunks. We moved out in the country and there are no chipmunks here. We had some at our other house and I miss seeing them. I am going to try your helpful hints. Thanks Norman!

  4. Very interesting post. I have always thought that rodents are bad for the garden but it’s great to know that chipmunks don’t do not cause much damage. Chipmunks are so cute, I’m sure our kids will be really excited to see them running around in the garden. I never knew that you can set up your garden to attract these furry animals but I’m definitely willing to give your methods a try!

    • Setting a garden up for these cute animals is so easy and your kids will love this idea also. Please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  5. Hi! I love Chipmunks and the children and my family love them too. I hadn’t thought in using bowls of water or birdbaths to attract them. But these suggestions are very easy to follow and I’ll implement them right away. 

    Thank you for the fun facts too. I didn’t know both chipmunk parents raised their children. That’s a good example for us. 🙂

    • Hello, I am so happy to help and wishing you the best with this project. Please let me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good day.

  6. I have found that chipmonks really seen to like stone walls, so I am constructing a small wall for them. They also like climbing around our water fountains ! Oh the joy to be found watching these little creatures ! Thanks for all the helpful information about chipmunks.

  7. Hello. Great article. I love having chipmunks around my yard. I feed wild birds and the chipmunks were loving the seed and water etc. and plenty of escape havens.
    One day rats showed up and it seems as though shortly after the chipmunks were no longer around. Can rats keep chipmunks away? I’m so sad about this and would love to get the chipmunks back again. Please advise. Thank you!!


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