How To Attract Crows To Your Yard

Providing a home for crows

A Black Crow

Crows are often used in horror movies to depict an eerie type of feeling I don’t know why I guess because of their peculiar looks and their color why they are used to depict this image but what I have heard is that crows are some of the smartest birds around.

A co-worker related a story to me about watching a nature program on television showing the intelligence of these birds.

The experiment showed a few crows wanted to eat some nuts which they found but in order to access these nuts the shell had to be broken so what they did was take a nut in their beak fly to the top of the lamp pole waited for a vehicle to pass, once that vehicle got close enough they would let the nuts drop in the pathway of those passing vehicles, that would roll over the nuts breaking them giving the crows access to the nuts inside. Once the vehicles passed these crows would then swoop down for those nuts.

These crowds would repeat this process until all of the nuts were open, the intelligence of these birds is something to behold.

This is pretty amazing especially for a bird where movies make them out to be so evil. As a child growing up I never knew the exact name of these birds so I referred to them as blackbirds, in fact, this is what the natives call them, I don’t know how this started but as I grew I discovered the correct name of these birds.

Below we will be looking at ways to attract crows to our yards.

How to attract crows to your yard

  • The use of a roosting place
  • Eliminate any source of noise
  • Setting up decoys
  • Providing a food source
  • Providing a water source
  • An electronic caller

Eliminating Noise

The slightest noise can keep crows away these birds are easily scared. Noises such as chimes, bells, whistles, etc… ensure the area where you want to attract crows is quiet.

Roosting Place

Providing a roosting place for them to rest will have them feeling right at home. Some resting places may include poles, fences, and trees, where they can rest on the branches, which will work wonders.

Using fake crows or decoys

Crows are sociable birds and love to congregate, the use of decoys or fake crows will surely get their attention once they see these decoys they will swoop down wanting to join in and be a part of the group.

 An electronic caller

The sound of an electronic caller will get their attention causing them to follow the sounds that it makes. This is really a great way to get their attention.

A food source

Crows are not picky at all and will eat just about anything. The food should be placed on the ground, foods such as sunflower seed, unsalted peanuts, dogfoods, meat, etc…

A water source

Crows need water in order to survive, providing a water source such as a few shallow bowls with water or even a bird fountain can work wonders.

My personal story

I have a personal story of crows that comes to my yard, these birds are so smart. While I am cutting the lawn they will stand there or sometimes come close to me and the reason this is that as I cut the grass they will be looking for small roaches or some other insect to be exposed, when this happens they would run behind the insect and have a great time making a meal out of them.

There are many species of crows some of them include.

A Crow

1. Hooded Crow.

2. House Crow.

3. Rook Crow.

4. Carrion  Crow.

5. Commen Raven.

6. Australian Raven.

7.Western Jackdaw.

Crow fun facts

1. As mentioned earlier crows are very intelligent.

2. Crows are known as omnivores meaning they will eat just about anything.

3. Crows are known to be good egg thieves.

4. Crows are monogamous and they raise their family together.

5. It is said that crows don’t forget faces.

6. Crows have different warning calls.

7. It is said that crows have eyesight as that of binoculars.

8. Crows have been seen using basic tools.

9. Crows have an excellent memory.

10. All crows and ravens belong to the seem genus.

11. It’s said that crows know how to read the traffic light.

12. It is believed that ancient Babylon was the name of the 13th month which was depicted as being evil.

Common myths about crows

1. Crows are said to be bad luck.

2. It is believed if you point at a crow your finger will rot.

3. Crows are said to be evil.

4. Crows are believed to possess powers.

5. Crows are seen as a symbol of death.

The final word

Attracting crows to your yard can be very rewarding as you watch these birds in their natural habitat. Crows are intelligent as we discussed earlier so why not give nature a helping hand by providing for these birds by giving nature helping you will be so happy that you did as you watch them in their social gather. This is a great way to educate kids of your feathered friends.


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