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Successfully Gowing Herbs in Hard Places

How to Build A Raised Bed Herb Garden-plant-box-raised-bed

Plant box raised bed

Raised bed gardens have gained much popularity because of the many benefits they offer. Constructing a raised bed garden will give you the opportunity of gardening in unfavorable conditions yet having much garden success.

The first time I was introduced to raise bed gardens was many years ago, I was impressed with what I saw because I never knew at that point that such gardening methods existed while growing plants.

If you have heard of this garden method before and would like to know how to construct such gardens along with the benefits these garden types offer you have come to the right place.

What is a raised bed garden

A raised bed garden is a box or planter that is constructed out of wood or other material such as bricks, stone, concrete, logs, etc.. The more popular one’s being wood material, however. The soil is placed in the box or planter once constructed followed by installing seedlings or seeds.

How To Build A raised Bed Herb Garden-Chilli-peppers

Chilli Peppers

The Benefits of Constructing a Raised Bed Garden

  • No need to worry about weeding or other back-breaking work like traditional gardening. Weeding is little to nothing
  • With this method, you can garden in just about any space
  • You can grow healthy plants even if your native soil is poor
  • Less watering which means a reduction with your water bill
  • The soil will warm up much faster earlier in the season
  • These beds will not come in contact with soils that are contaminated
  • Better water drainage
  • The soil is easier to work with
  • Raise beds are beautiful and neat
  • Less water runoff
  • No soil compaction
  • Raise bed gardens are great for crop rotation
  • You can grow your crops in limited spaces

Keeping it simple

I have seen raised bed gardens from the simple to the not so simple in different shapes and sizes. The choice of size and shape is up to you but if you want to keep it simple then the raised bed in the above photo is right for you.

There are many ways to construct a raised bed garden here are two very simple but effective ways to construct a raised bed garden.

Plywood in the ground method

How To Build A Raised Herb Garden-flower-design

Raised bed garden flower design

Purchased a sheet of plywood, cut two pieces lengthwise being the same size. Next cut two shorter pieces these pieces will be the seem length and will go at both ends.

The two long lengths which act as the sides dig a trench about 4-6 inches for each length, next place each piece lengthwise in the trenches that were dug holding the strips of plywood firmly as you backfill with the soil.

Next, we come to the shorter ends, dig a drench about the seem depth also and backfill with the soil, which means each end long should have a short end remember we are forming a box. Once your box is formed its just a matter of adding your soil followed by the seeds or seedlings.

The 2×4 and plywood method

Remember this is just a guide to follow, you can build your raised bed as wide as you desire.

You will need two pieces of 2x4s along with a sheet of plywood. The 2x4s can be 6-8 ft, each 2×4 should be placed about 5-6 ft apart. Measure and cut the plywood to cover this area the plywood will act as the base or the bottom.

Once the plywood has been marked to this same distance cut. Next, nail the ends of the plywood to the 2x4s. Nail both the ends and the sides, once the plywood is secured turn the frame in the upward position.

Measure both ends of the frame and cut to strips of plywood to cover both these ends, remember you are creating a box frame. Next, nail each piece of plywood to the frame and you are all set. It is just a matter of adding the soil along with seeds or seedlings.

The final word on how to build a raised herb garden

Building a raised bed herb garden is that simple, with this garden type you can garden in just about any place, and the benefits of these gardens, are really amazing. With a raised bed garden your herb garden will be easy to maintain as you grow some of your most delicious herbs that will give your foods that great taste.


  1. Jordan Collingwood says:

    Thank you for this educational article.

    I have been for sometime now, have wanted to start a little hobby garden in my backyard. I love the DIY instructions for making the raised bed herb garden. Its very informative for some that might not be that handy with a hammer and nails. (Guilty)

     I bookmarked your page. Thank you for this awesome article.

    Best regards,


    1. Norman says:

      I am so happy to help and thanks for those kind words wishing you the best of success.

  2. Ezra Mtambeka says:

    Do you think The raised bed herb garden would fit well for an aquaponics ecosystem? Nice article. It so happened that I bumped into it while doing my research on indoor farming/ gardening. Knowing that I will not need to worry about weeds, I can divert the energy and time I spend removing such to actually plant more and most likely read more articles from your blog. I have not tried a raised bed method. I am most definitely going to give it a shot. 

    1. Norman says:

      It is worth giving it a try, this garden type are pretty amazing and is worth the investment you will be so happy with the results. I  am so happy to help and have a nice day.

  3. JN says:

    Hello there – I am a passionate herb gardener. I currently have an indoor herb garden and its my zen area. I’ve always wanted to have a raised bed garden in my backyard as I love being outside. Just never got to researching on it. So glad that I stumbled on this article on HOW TO BUILD A RAISED BED HERB GARDEN. 

    1. Norman says:

      So good to hear that you love the great outdoors, this garden type is so simple and has so many benefits. Glad I could help.

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