How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids

Tips to Build a Snack Garden for Kids

How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids-a-boy-watering-plants
A boy watering plants

Educating kids from an early age about the importance of healthy living is a great way to get them off to a great start, the time that’s invested will point them in the right direction on what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These healthy snacks can be grown either from your garden or you can map out a plot or a little area that personally belongs to them where they are given the responsibility to care for their garden which I think will excite them.

A raised bed garden can be constructed for them or if the space you’re working with is limited then why not grow a snack garden with the use of containers or an aero garden system, a snack garden can consist of vegetables, herbs, fruits, or a combination of the three. Which ever you decided to go with be assured that this learning environment will introduce your kids to the wonders of nature as their little hands work the soil by growing these edible gardens.

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How to Build a Snack Garden for Kids

  • The first step is deciding how big you want your garden and where your garden is going to be installed, deciding on what you grow at this time is good also. Will you be installing the snack garden plants directly into the ground, or are you going with a raised bed garden idea or containers or will you be moving the garden indoors with the help of an aero garden system? It is a good idea to start small and as your kids have success and show interest then you can expand their snack garden to include more edibles
  • Since you’re building an edible garden install it in an area that gets at least 6-8 hours of sunlight per day
  • Will you start with seeds or seedlings, starting with seeds will help to get a jump start because your kids will begin to see their snack garden taking shape almost immediately. Or if you prefer then why not combine the two? The instructions on how to plant seedlings including care and time of harvest should be on the seed package. But if you and your kids decide to go with seedlings then your plant nurseryman will be your source of information on the growth and the care including harvest time. Herb seeds packets, Vegetable seed packets

Tools for a Snack Garden

To start with you will need to give them the right tools for the job, now the key to making them interested in working in their garden is providing them with their very own personal tools. I assure you that these special tools will have them beaming with excitement, tools that they can use working the soil and planting their favorite snacks. These tools will provide comfort for their little hands that will make working in their snack garden plain and simple. Your kids will love these watering cans to water their snack garden. A kid’s wheel barrel will add to their excitement as they carry around their tools and harvest their food crop.

Choosing Edible Plants for a Kid’s Snack Garden

How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids-beets and carrots
Beets and Carrots

To Get your kids involved show them a list of edible plants for their snack garden and let them decide what they want to grow. Allowing your kids to decide will excite them causing them even more to want to grow and care for their snack agrden.

Soil Type for a Snack Garden

The ideal soil when growing an edible garden are soils that are well-drained but will hold the right amount of moisture, your kid’s snack edible garden will also enjoy the addition of compost or organic matter that will add nutrient to the soil and encourage microbial activity

What to Grow in a Snack Garden

Here are some favorite edibles that are easy to grow and I know that your kids will enjoy them.

How To Build A Snack Garden For Kids-herbs-in-containers
Growing herbs in containers
  • Salad Greens
  • Baby Cucumbers
  • Strawberries
  • Mint
  • Dill
  • Thyme
  • Parsley
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chive
  • French Beans
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Sugar Snap Peas

How to Maintain a Snack Garden

Get your kids involved in maintaining their snack garden, if raking is needed then give them that responsibility along with weeding and watering their snack garden, this will not only excite them but will produce in them a sense of pride in keeping their snack garden in good care. Each day they can check on the edible plants as well.

Additional Information for a Snack Garden

  • Ensure before your kids work in their snack garden that they get sufficient rest and a solid meal
  • Choose the hour of the day when your kids can work in their snack garden, if it’s too hot then wait until the weather outdoors cools down
  • Ensure they’re wearing the right footwear, a hat, a long sleeve shirt, and long pants to protect from the heat along with garden gloves to protect their little hands
  • Keep a first aid kit close by in case of minor bruises or scrapes
  • Sunscreen will be great to have on hand
  • Kids can also increase their knowledge by reading many of these gardening books just for kids.

Letting Kids Harvest their Snack Garden

Harvest time is the fun part as kids watch their edible plants grow to mature size where they can now enjoy the fruits of their labor. I am sure they will be more than happy to share some of what they have grown with other family members or maybe a friend a neighbor or even their teacher.

The final word on how to build a snack garden for kids

Building a snack garden for kids is that simple, I believe that from an early age kids should be educated about living a healthy lifestyle what better way to teach them than by helping them to work the soil as they grow their edible garden and enjoy the many benefits this garden brings. This activity is also a great way to get kids to work in an outdoor environment as they connect with nature. Who knows and interest may also be sparked as they see the many insects that pay their garden a visit, which will create another opportunity to educate them about these garden insects. The benefits of building a snack garden for kids are many, work with your kids and give this exciting experience that will impact their lives through healthy living and by helping to expand their knowledge of nature.


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