How To Care For A Lady Palm

Pampering this lady with love

Rhapis Excelsa-how-to-care-for-a-lady-palm
Rhapis Excelsa

Pulling out all the stops for this lady is worth the effort. The lady palm or as it is called Rhapis excelsa is a plant that is famous for being grown indoors. This was one of the interior plants with which I mostly worked for many years as an interior plantscape designer. What I can say about this lady is that she loves plenty of attention so in order for her to perform at her best shower her with your love.

The lady’s palm is a high maintenance plant that loves moisture. I remember on a few occasions seeing this lady dropping not looking so happy because of a lack of attention. What I love about this lady is how full and beautiful she gets as she matures.

The Rhapis Palm is native to Taiwan and Southern China. For more on this beautiful lady and how she can grace both our gardens as well as our interior plantscape area continue reading and see why this lady dazzles with her charm.

Planting Location

When installing the lady palm outdoors, look for and are that gets partial sun because if this lady is exposed to direct heat can burn her delicate beautiful leaves. The lady palm can grow anywhere from 8-12 ft and may get a bit larger with a width of 4-13 ft

Soil Type

Because this lady is high maintenance the soil type must hold adequate moisture. To make soil improvements, adding organic matter will be of great help.

Watering Methods

The soil should be kept moist and not waterlogged because even though this lady loves moisture she hates wet feet.

Fertilizing Methods

During the growing season, slow-release fertilizer will work wonders. A liquid feed can also be used, just read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Garden insect pests of the lady’s palm

This lady does have here share of garden insect pest which will seek to cause her to lose her beauty and luster. Here is the garden insect pest to keep an eye out for.

  • Scales
  • Mealybugs
  • Spiders Mites


Scales are small and appear to have on an armor, these insect pests can do much damage by sucking the palms fluid. To bring this garden insect pest under control treat with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. Before applying read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.


Mealybugs are soft-bodied garden insect pest that is covered in a mealy waxy white cottony mask. This garden insect pest can do damage the seem as with the scale insect pests. To control and eliminate these insects follow the seem, producers when treating for scale insects.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites are tiny insects that can hardly be seen with the naked eye but if there is webbing on your lady’s palm this is a sure sign of spider mites also to further test if this is spider mites hold a piece of white paper under the leaves and gently shake or tap. What you will notice is tiny specks moving about on the paper.

You may also feel them crawling around on your hands. The use of insecticidal soap or horticultural will bring these garden insect pests under control.

Diseases of the lady’s palm

Some disease which may attack this lady is

  • Pythium
  • Fusarium Osysporum
  • Penicillium
  • Rhizoctonia

To control or prevent these issues drenching the soil with a fungicide that is labeled as a broad spectrum will offer some help. Before applying fungicides read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Where to install the lady’s palm

Here are just a few places to install this lady.

1. This lady can be installed in a partially shaded area in your garden as a stand-alone plant.

2. Goes well as a backdrop in a garden area to cover bare spots while bringing enhancement with her beautiful deep green color.

3. Can be installed in a container and placed on your patio.

4. What about your porch area?

5. Can be installed and grown on either side of your door entrance.

6. Because the lady’s palm is famous for growing on the interior, placing the container indoors in the corner of a room that gets indirect light will look great.

7. Because this lady gets full or grows dense she would make a good screen plant for privacy areas.

Container grown lady palm

Growing the lady palm from a container has become so popular. When growing form containers ensure that the container is large enough to accommodate your lady. The soil type should be and organic-rich well-drained soil, ensure that the container has drain holes to allow excess water to drain.

Fertilize with a slow-release or liquid feed fertilizer during the growing season, be very careful to follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law. As your lady fulls out in size and shapes it is best to report her in a larger container.

Caring for the lady’s palm on the interior

This was my specialty as an interior plantscape designer. When growing and caring for the lady’s palm indoors follow the seems steps as when growing from a container. The container should have drain holes to allow excess water to drain a saucer should be placed under the container to collect this water.

Fertilizer as discussed earlier, to achieve success when growing the lady palm indoors place the container in an area that gets indirect bright sunlight because as mentioned direct bright light will cause the leaves to burn. Placing the pot near an east window will keep your lady happy. To accommodate your lady go the extra mile by ensuring that the room’s temperature is anywhere in the area of 60- 70 degrees.

Additional information

The lady’s palm is known as an air purifier so in order to keep the air pure and clean installing a few of these ladies in your home will work wonders for you.

The final word

The lady’s palm is so amazing what do you think from what we have discussed? I believe that this palm makes an excellent choice for both our outdoor and indoor gardens. It has been my delight to see exactly what this lady can do. Don’t miss out on the fun, make this lady a part of your life and give her the love she deserves I promise you, she will love you back as she dazzles you with her beauty and charm.


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