How to Care for Fiddle Leaf Fig in the Winter

Fiddle Leaf Fig Winter Care

How To Care For Fiddle Leaf Fig In The Winter-fiddle-leaf-fig
Fiddle leaf fig in a container

Fiddle leaf fig also known as ficus lyrata is a broad-leaf evergreen that grows along the Western  African coast, this garden beauty belongs to the mulberry and fig family Moraceae. The fiddle leaf fig can reach heights of  60-100’tall in its native habitat and can also be grown as a popular indoor plant growing from 2-10′ tall. Many years ago I worked as an interior plantscape technician for a 5-star resort and one plant that was used on many projects was the fiddle leaf fig.

It’s believed that the fiddle leaf fig has been around for millions of years. Because the fiddle leaf fig’s natural environment is outdoors caring for them indoors requires providing these evergreens with what they need to thrive. The fiddle leaf fig is a great indoor plant and can thrive during the winter months. For more on how this is done join the discussion below as we take a closer look at how to care for the fiddle leaf fig in the winter.

Overwintering your Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoors

Once the weather gets cooler because of the winter months setting in, it’s time to bring your fiddle leaf fig indoors however care should be taken before taking action which will make the difference between success or failure when it comes to taking care of this garden beauty.

Proper Lighting for Fiddle Leaf Fig

Moving your fiddle leaf fig from a sunny location outdoors requires that you locate or place this plant in a shaded area before bringing it indoors. Allow your fiddle leaf fig to be in this shaded area for several weeks. This action that you take of locating this evergreen to a shaded spot is preparing it for the indoor environment (leasing fiddle leaf fig from going into shock) where the lighting conditions are low.

Once indoors, if your fiddle leaf fig shows some negative responses ( leaf drop) that’s normal because of the adjusting from outdoors to indoors. Your fiddle leaf fig however should be placed near a south or west-facing window for proper lighting. If needed you can also install grow lights that can provide adequate lighting, these lights can be purchased from your plant nursery, hardware store, or garden center.

How to Water Fiddle Fig

During the winter months, plants require less water which means that before watering your fiddle leaf fig do a thorough inspection of the soil’s moisture level. If the soil becomes water-saturated will negatively impact your fiddle leaf fig. During the cooler months, it takes a longer time for the soil to dry out, check the soil moisture level using your finger to feel the dryness of the first 2-3 top inches of soil. If it feels dry to the touch then it’s safe to water your plant, water until it comes out of the drain holes, a saucer should be placed under the container to catch access water that drains.

How to Know if you are Overwatering your Fiddle Leaf Fig

  • If the soil is saturated with water or not given time to dry out or based on the plant’s water requirements
  • The plant starts to drop leaves
  • If mold develops on the soil’s surface
  • Some plant species will develop yellow or brown leaves that are limp and droopy
  • If the plant’s leaves develop brown spots or edges
  • If fungus gnats are seen around your plant
  • Stunted or slow growth because the plant’s roots are dying due to fungus
  • Some plant species develop mushy stems
  • A foul odor may emanate
  • The plant can no longer produce new growth

Fiddle Leaf Fig Fertilizer Needs

Because plant growth slows during the colder months less fertilizer is required, unlike the spring and summer months. The use of a slow-release fertilizer or fertilizing at half-strength is ideal. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoor Temperatures

The preferred temperature for fiddle leaf fig to thrive can be anywhere from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit, so ensure that the room temperature meets your plant’s requirements.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Indoor Humidity Level

The fiddle leaf fig’s ideal humidity level can be in the range of 30% to 65%, if the indoor environment is dry then try misting the leaves every other day or installing a humidifier.

Keeping your Fiddle Leaf Fig Clean

To keep the leaves of your fiddle leave fig clean and shiny, the use of a feather duster will offer help or a clean cloth dipped in water can help as well. Gently wipe the leaves and your fiddle leaf fig is all set.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Cooling or heating systems such as a heater or air-conditioning can negatively impact your fiddle leaf fig, ensure that your fan or vents are not blowing directly on or nearby your fiddle leaf fig. Because this will cause the leaves to drop or damage the plant’s leaves, make sure that your plant is placed far away and out of the paths of these systems. Also, ensure that the leaves are not touching the cold window.

The final word on how to care for fiddle leaf fig in the winter

Caring for your fiddle leaf fig during the winter months is not hard at all, all it takes is knowing how and you have come to the right place to keep your fiddle leaf fig thriving. The fiddle leaf fig is a tropical evergreen that can bring that much-need flavor into your landscape as well as your indoor living environment, as said earlier I have worked with these plant beauties on many interior plantscape projects and have seen what they can do. This guide will help your fiddle leaf fig to overwinter successfully indoors. Give what we have discussed a try, you will be more than happy with the results.


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  1. I am glad you identified the fiddle leaf fig as one that can bring life to my indoor environment. Top of it is that this environmentally friendly plant is found in western part of Africa where i live. Making the light adequate and getting the right soil type will not be a challenge. The great thing here is i can create the kind of environment I desire. 

    • When well taken care of these plants are pretty amazing and will go to work for you, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. 

  2. Hey Norman!

    I’m an avid gardener myself, but I would say I’m still at the beginner/intermediate stages at best.

    I started garden several years ago and I’ve learned so much, I thought I was pretty good until this year when I realized I still know hardly anything!

    I’m very glad to see someone knowledgeable like yourself in the profession taking the time to teach.

    I’m always trying to find good indoor plants for my home and wintering them properly is often a struggled I’ve had in the past.

    • I am so happy to help, the field of gardening and landscaping is broad so we can never know everything no matter how long we have been in this field. There is always something new to learn, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Wishing you all the best of success.


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