Starting the season right

Beautiful red poinsettias-how-to-care-for-poinsettias

It is almost that time of year again when we pull out those scuffs, mittens, coats, and boots as we sit by the fireplace sipping on hot chocolate, having parties, spending time with friends and relatives as we flock to the malls and other places buying gifts for the special ones that we love so dearly.

Christmas is such a wonderful occasion with all the hustle and bustle as we move about enjoying the season and all that it has to offer and oh the Christmas dinner is such a delight as we feast upon the many foods and goodies that have been prepared.

What I also love about this time of the year is the poinsettias that really drives the feeling home. This is the only time of the year when poinsettias are showcased in such beautiful display.

Taking a stroll down memory lane

As an interior plantscape technician we would give boxes of poinsettias to those that worked in the office at the five star resort where I worked and oh the excitement of those folks as these poinsettias was placed on their desk and cabinets to enjoy, these poinsettias really change the appearance of those offices as it gives that feeling of the season.

We also placed these beautiful plants in the lobby, walkways and other public areas as onlookers admired as they passed by. I tell you what a transformation as those areas was litten up and seemed to say Merry Christmas.

How to care for poinsettias

Red- light pink poinsettias-how-to-care-for-poinsettias

what is so awesome about poinsettias is the many colors that they come in. Some example of these colors are red, pink, white, yellow and so on, my favorite color is red what about you?

Handle with care

1. To keep your poinsettias healthy at all times there are a few things you need to know. Poinsettias are very fragile and must be handled with care. Poinsettias should be exposed to sunlight because these plants a have been forced in to bloom sunlight will help them to keep their beautiful color.

2. Poinsettias prefer a temperature anywhere from 64-75 degrees.

3. keep the soil of poinsettias somewhat moist not waterlogged. Allowing soil to remain dry for long periods of time can have a negative effect on plants health. Also, don’t let the plant sit in water, empty saucer.

4. You may find a few leaves turning yellow and dropping when you first bring your plant home, don’t be alarmed your plant is just adjusting to its new home or environment.

5. No need to fertilize poinsettias while they are in bloom.

Follow these simple steps to keep your poinsettias happy and blooming.

Final word

With the holidays just around the corner and as excitement fills the air make sure and get your poinsettias as you welcome the spirit of the season spending time with families and friends.

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