How To Compost Indoors

The Benefit of Indoor Composting

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Composting can really get your garden plants off to a great start because composting is a safe method that has proven to be so beneficial to our plant’s health providing us with the kind of harvest that is fit for a king.

The awesome thing about creating compost is that all of the ingredients which are used are natural which means the crops we grow will be of the highest quality.

Chemical-free plants are a great way to grow and stay healthy. In this article, we will be looking at how to compost indoors. Now I know this is a twist because when the method of composting was first introduced it was started outdoors but now we can also compost indoors and there are many benefits to this.

Benefits of composting indoors

1. Rainy days no longer have to stop you from composting.

2. Even in the winter, you can still create a compost pile.

What you will need

Starting your very own indoor compost pile is so simple. This is what you will need.

1. Two 5-gallon buckets.

2. A spray bottle with water.

3. About 2-4 shovels of dry leaves.

4. Gloves preferable rubber or disposables.

5. A small hand spade or other small tools for mixing.

6. Drill with a 6-8 inch bit.

7. Some kitchen scraps such as veggies, eggshells, fruits, etc…

8. Papers and newspapers will do.

9. Half a shovel of garden soil.

How to compost indoors

Let the fun begin

1. First drill 10-12 holes at the bottom and along the sides of the first bucket, and drill the same amount of holes in the bucket lid.

2. With the second bucket drill 16-18 holes in a circular pattern alongside about 12 inches from the bottom.

3. Place the first bucket inside of the second bucket and press gently.

4. Next add your paper products, shredding or ripping them into pieces will do. Place them in the bucket.

5. Next, add a shovel of dry leaves, place leaves on top of the shredded paper, and break them up by gently crushing them in your hand.

6. Then add your kitchen scraps on top of the leaves.

7. Next, add the rest of the leaves and do as you did in step 5.

8. Add soil and with a small hand trowel, stick or even your hands give this mixture a good stirring. Make sure that all of these ingredients are well mixed together.

9. Add several sprays of water just to moisten enough of the mixture so, the mixture cannot only bind better but assist with microbial activity.

10. Place lid on the bucket and let compost sit for 2 weeks, about twice a week stir mixture.

11. After 2 weeks, repeat the steps, in this way you will be building your compost.

Before you know it you will be well on your way to successful composting indoors. The finished product will be that dark rich soil.

The final word

Indoor composting is a great way to give your plants what they need whether it’s starting from seedlings or planting a more mature plant even using this black gold around your garden plants.

Your plants will love you for it and you will love them back as you reap the harvest that comes from composting.


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  1. What a great idea! I used to compost when I had a back yard, but now I live in an apartment. I would like to compost scraps from vegetables and fruit but regular composting containers are too large. I just want some fresh soil for spring flower pots. This is a great project for fall. Thank you for posting this!


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