How To Control Meyer Lemon Tree Disease

Meyer Lemon Tree Disease Control Guide

How To Control Meyer Lemon Tree Disease-meyer-lemons
Meyer lemons

Whether you’re growing ornamental plants, shrubs, herbs, vegetables or fruit trees there is always the challenge in most cases of having to deal with and bring control of plant disease when spotted because if measures are not taken right away can rob you of a bountiful ( edible garden) harvest or turn that dream garden of beautiful healthy flowering plants into a nightmare.

The Meyer lemon tree also has its share of challenges but the good news is with the right knowledge and quick action will cause your lemon tree to bounce back to good health allowing you to reap a good harvest. Below we will be looking at the Meyer lemon tree disease and how to bring complete control.

How to control Meyer lemon tree disease

Meyer Lemon Tree disease can be put into 5 categories

  • Bacterial diseases
  • Viral diseases
  • Fungal infections
  • Mold growth
  • Rot

Bacterial diseases: Like citrus blasts can be spread by the wind.

Viral Diseases: Like citrus tristeza is damaging to different species of citrus trees.

Fungal infections: Like greasy spot can infect lemons to the point where they can’t be harvested.

Mold growth: Like sooty mold which is a black substance that forms on and covers the leaves, stems, and fruits, sooty mold looks like black dirt. This mold is influenced by the secretion of sucking insects such as scales, whiteflies, mealybugs, and thrips. The secretion encourages the formation of this black mold known as honeydew.

Sooty mold: Not only makes plants look unattractive and sickly but may also interfere with photosynthesis the process by which plants manufacture their food. Eliminating the insects that encourage sooty mold to form will bring control.

Rot: Like foot rot is caused by a micro-organism called Phytophthora that is brought on by soils that are too wet, Phytophthora is most damaging when citrus roots are inactive and their resistance to infection is low. Once the roots are infected they begin to rot.

Signs of  Meyer Meyer Lemon Tree Diseases

Foot Rot: Signs of foot rot disease show up as lesions near the grafted bud union, with a lack of tree fruiting.

Citrus Blast: Affects the south side of the tree and shows up as scabs and black spots on the fruits.

Citrus tristeza: Causes root injury, dead twigs, and thinning (foliage) leaves.

Greasy Spot: Leaves black specks on the fruit rinds.

Disease Control Measures

A great place to begin when it comes to disease control is prevention, now I know there are some cases that are beyond our control such as the weather and environmental factors but despite this, we should do all that we can to grow healthy plants because plants that are not being grown or cared for is more susceptible to disease. Sooty mold as we discussed is encouraged by insects that pierce and suck the plant’s sap.

To control garden insect pests that cause sooty mold apply insecticidal soap or horticultural oil, before applying these sprays read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. Greasy spot can be controlled by liquid Cooper spray fungicide application. The tree should be sprayed first in June or July and a second application in August or September. Fungus and mold can be controlled with Antifungal soap, proper drainage also help to control and discourage fungus.

The final word on how to control Meyer lemon tree disease

Bringing control to citrus diseases is not hard all it takes is the right knowledge and you will be well on your way to having much success. Why let these diseases rob you of a good harvest when you can benefit from the proper care of your Meyer lemon tree? with this knowledge, we have provided. You’re now well equipped to bring control of these diseases and reap a bountiful harvest.


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  1. Great article with all the information needed to take care a Meyer Lemon tree. The categories of the disease give me a clear picture how the Meyer Lemon tree is suffering if we do not care well.

    Bacterial diseases spread by the wind can be hard to do any prevention and probably needs to see some sign before control can be applied. 


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