How To Correct Ixora Yellowing Leaves

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How To Correct Ixora Yellowing Leaves-butterfly-collecting-nectar-from-ixoras
Butterfly collecting nectar from ixora-plant

The Ixora coccinea plant commonly known as scarlet jungle flame is an evergreen shrub that is native to Bangladesh, Thailand, Sir Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. This garden beauty is a tropical-subtropical plant and is used widely in many landscapes and garden designs. Ixora’s are a genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae and comprises some 562 species.

Ixora’s are great for wildlife gardens attracting butterflies and bees, the flowers that are sweet and fragrant also attract numerous birds and are deer resistant.

A major problem, however, that is common among Ixora is chlorosis which is the yellowing of the leaves, this yellowing may not be a plant disease but a nutrient deficiency that will not only take away from the beauty of this tropical evergreen but can also cause browning of the leaves followed by leaf dropping.

How to Correct Ixora Yellowing Leaves

A soil pH that’s high encourages manganese and iron deficiencies, when this happens the availability of these two elements is locked up or made unavailable to Ixoras. New growth is also small along with the possibility of bud drop, however during the growing season Ixora may show signs of server yellowing of the leaves, this symptom is known as chlorosis. This issue is brought on by a lack of iron, treating Ixora with chelated iron will offer help, however, it’s best to apply liquid micronutrients to the leaves through spray application. Before spray application read the manufacturer’s label for the best results.

Other Causes why Leaves may be Turning Yellow

  • A lack of water or too much water can cause a plant’s leaves to turn yellow
  • Yellowing can be caused by disease issues
  • Insect issues
  • Plants that suffer from nitrogen deficiencies show signs of pale-green to yellowish-green leaves
  • Temperature change
  • Too much sunlight will contribute to a plant’s leaves turning yellow as well as a lack of light.
  • Calcium deficiency may cause yellowing in certain plants like tomatoes
  • Aging also causes the plant’s lower leaves which are the older leaves to turn yellow and drop off, this is a normal process of plant growth
  • Repotting a plant where the plant losses some of its roots or trying to adjust may cause the leaves to turn yellow. (plant going into shock)
  • A plant that’s over-fertilize
  • A plant that’s root bound

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The final word on how to correct Ixora’s yellowing leaves

If your Ixora plant leaves are turning yellow you can take quick action by ensuring you are meeting your ixora’s requirements along with treating for chlorosis if that’s the cause. Ixoras are amazing tropical plants that will fill your garden with an abundance of flowers in an array of colors. I have worked with Ixoras on many garden projects and have seen how these plants perform once their needs are met.


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