How To Design A Bathroom On A Budget

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9 Step by Step Ideas to design a Bathroom on a Budget

How To Design A Bathoom On A Budget-a-bathroom-design
A bathroom design

A popular indoor living space for finding peace, relaxation, and comfort while reconnecting after a long day at the office or getting through that busy day where we can unwind is our bathroom, this private oasis can be so refreshing as we are rejuvenated in serenity and comfort. However in order to take advantage of this indoor living area we should do what we can to make this part of our home restful.

You will be surprised with a little thought-out plan and a few other added pieces the transformation and the change that can come about. Over the Christmas holidays, this is what both my wife and I did, we changed the color of the paint, the shower curtain, and the window curtains, and just like that this small change brought such a big difference you can do the same also so join the discussion below as we take a closer look at how to design a bathroom on a budget.

1. The Beauty of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can really make a big difference to an area that’s drab and worn out, for an average size bathroom all you will need is a gallon of paint for the walls, the baseboards, the ceiling, and the window trim. However, if you are deciding to go with two different colors then an extra gallon will be needed and you can always use what is left over to touch up in the future as the need arises. Ensure whatever colors that are chosen compliments each other.

2. Changing the curtains

Bathroom curtains which include shower curtains can also set the mood for a restful feeling, the curtains should complement the bathroom colors. I love bright colors so for me, a bright-colored curtain that’s beautifully designed is my first choice.

3. Adding the rugs

An added addition that brings style is bathroom rugs, there are plain rugs and there are those with designs pictures or patterns. Plain rugs have their place but I love rugs with design patterns or ones with some sort of nature scenery. This sort of style brings that wow and that added flavor that helps to connect with nature, remember this is your bathroom oasis so set the mode from the ceiling to the floor.

4. Replacing Bathroom Fixtures

How To Design A Bathroom On A Budget-a-bathroom-design
A bathroom design

Replacing worn-out, broken, or old fixtures is the right move to make, this is a path to the overall upgrade. Fixtures that are new can bring that wow or that stylish finish, there are so many to choose from ( different colors, shapes, and styles) but don’t overthink this process just have fun and keep it simple.

5. Adding Light Fixtures

The proper lighting is so important because this will help to highlight and give that polished look and finish, why not if possible hang a chandelier or some other stylish light fixture. The chandelier can act as a focal point that is pleasing to the eye, there are many ways to go about this so think outside of the box and be bold with your statement.

6. Keeping it Simple yet Stylish with Wallpaper

Wallpaper can really take it up noche, the use of removable wallpaper will work wonders, the choice of wallpaper should be ones that are moisture and heat resistant variety that will not encourage mildew or peel easily. Also when the time comes to change things up a bit this type of wallpaper can be removed easily.

7. Hanging a Picture or Two

If you really want to take your bathroom project to the next level the addition of a picture frame or two will give that boost, I prefer a picture of nature, a garden, or a coastal area with white sand, blue water, and palm trees. This can really set the tone as you take a bath, a shower, or just soak in babble bathe. Your taste of a picture may be different but that’s ok. Go for what works for you that compliments your entire bathroom project.

8. Plants can Make a Huge Difference

Plants can make a big difference, I love living plants if your taste is silk then that is fine as well, whatever your choice of plants ensure that it compliments the desired end. A little greenery is good but choose plant/plants that have colors preferably colorful leaves because flowering plants will lose their bloom once the bloom period ends. However, if your choice is cut flowers that you may have to change out every week or so then that’s fine as well.

9. Bathroom Wall Tiles like New

Bathroom wall tiles once properly maintained can be so beautiful but if your tiles have lost their luster you can bring them back to their glory days or days of luster by giving them a good cleaning. Although there are many products that can be purchased there are homemade remedies that can be used just as well, simply create a 50:50 solution of water and white vinegar that’s diluted in a spray bottle. Spray this solution directly onto the surface and buff it dry to discourage streaks, this mixture can also be used to remove soap scum on any surface including tiles and glass.

Go Bathroom Hunting on a Budget

How To Design A Bathroom On A Budget-a-bathroom-design
A bathroom design

For great deals and steals here is where to look for your bathroom project.

  • Check the newspaper
  • Ask around
  • Garage sales
  • Search the internet
  • Shopping at the end of the season is a great time to look for deals
  • Look for discounted prices as you shop around

A Bonus just for You

If you’re not sure about how to go about your bathroom project and need some inspiration then why not check out books, magazines, the internet, and social media for ideas?

The final word on how to design a bathroom on a budget

Giving your bathroom a makeover is that simple, you don’t have to break the piggy bank to make a huge difference all it takes is some thought and a few extra dollars and you will be all set to create a bathroom that brings that wow. Following this guide can help you to achieve just that, don’t overthink this project just go for it and create a bathroom oasis that you’re proud of that says home sweet home.


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4 thoughts on “How To Design A Bathroom On A Budget”

  1. My husband and I have been planning on renovating and redesigning our bathroom. But we keep putting it off because our budget is tight.

    Reading your helpful post made me hopeful that we can actually push through with our plans because redesigning a bathroom does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Our bathroom is tiled but not from the floor to the ceiling. This is how most bathrooms are in our place because of the cost of materials. ☺ Fresh paint will surely make it nicer. 

    I want our bathroom to look refreshing so I’m gonna try your recommendation of adding light fixtures and plants. I used to not like having plants indoors because of the hassle of taking care of them. But I saw my sister-in-law’s bathroom when I went to visit and she had several plants. I figured it would be nice to put some too in my bathroom. 

    Lastly, having nice curtains will certainly help set the mood. Thanks, Norman, for your suggestions. 

    • Hello, Alice doing a bathroom makeover doesn’t mean we have to break the piggy bank, it’s all a matter of doing our homework which can save us so much money while we still have what we desire. I am so happy to help, wishing you all the best with your bathroom makeover project.

  2. Bathroom remodeling and redecorating have been on my to-do list for quite some time. However, because money is so tight right now, we continue to put it off. After reading your insightful piece, I have a renewed sense of optimism that we will be able to put our plans into action because renovating a bathroom does not automatically require spending a significant amount of money. Our toilet room is tiled, however the tiles don’t go all the way up to the ceiling.


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