How To Design A Room On A Small Budget

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12 Tips for a Room Makeover on a Small Budget

How To Design A Room On A Small Budget-living-room
A living room

You don’t have to break the piggy bank to design or redesign your indoor living space all it takes is a little creativity and a few extra bucks to get the job done, with the rise in the cost of living it can be challenging to achieve our desires. The good news, however, is we can “have our cake and eat it too” over the Christmas holidays both my wife and I did just that.

With a bit of paint, rearranging the furniture, and changing the cushion covers and the living room curtains we were able to create a work of art that was just stunning and it did not cost us much dollar-wise other than our time. Many homeowners are achieving good results with a living room makeover by following the steps we are about to discuss and you can do the seem as well so let’s take a closer look at how to design a room on a small budget.

12 Steps for a Room Makeover

1. Envision what you want

Envision what you want, every great or little project that had success started out with having a vision, if you must write it down then by all means do. This will be your map or blueprint to achieve the desired end. Knowing what you want from the start will not only spark ideas but will also give you a feeling which will make the planning process easier. This starting point will cause the rest of the puzzle to fall in place as you put the pieces together, for example, furniture, choosing the appropriate colors, adding a few other pieces, etc…

2. Get Inspiration

If you’re still not quite sure how to go about this then get inspiration from reading magazines and other books on design, the internet is loaded with tons of photos to inspire. Social media can also inspire with the many creative design ideas that are displayed, with these resources you will be well equipped to get those creative juices flowing in the right direction that will spark tons of ideas.

3. Declutter

What I found to be so amazing is the amount of stuff we accumulate over the years, for many of us, we love to hold on to stuff but if the truth can be told we really don’t need all of those things. Decluttering makes an indoor living space feel more clean, open, and inviting, if you don’t use it then there is a good chance you don’t need it and besides selling off those things you don’t need can add some extra cash to your pocket to help fund your project. But if you are designing an empty room from scratch purchase what you need that will complement the overall picture of the desired end.

4. Rearrange the Furniture or have Them Redone

It’s amazing how rearranging a few pieces of furniture can make a big difference, or if preferred your furniture can be redone either with the use of furniture cloths or having the upholstery redone. This move can make such a huge difference, upholstery work, however, can be pretty expensive so using drapes over cushions or chairs may be the best solution.

5. Choosing Colors

How To Design A Room On A Small Budget-living-room
A living room

When creating that wow what are you hoping to achieve, are you going for that summer look by choosing light bright colors or do you prefer a much more restful peaceful design or it may be that rustic look? Whatever colors you choose make sure it’s something that you love that will set the mood as you enter the room.

6. Add Living Room Rugs or Layer Them

The use of rugs has its place and may be just what you need for that finished look, the use of large rugs can cover wider areas, if there is an existing large rug that has a stain that may be hard to remove the use of smaller rugs can help to cover the stain which is known as layering.

7. Add a Few Pictures or Wall Art

There is a saying that “one picture speaks a thousand words” there is just something about art that sets the mood, choosing the right wall art can bring that much-needed flavor.

8. Add Greenery with Indoor Plants

Adding plants to an indoor living space is one of my favorites, there is just something about the presence of plants with their many shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. My choice of plants is live plants. Living plants will not only help you to connect with nature while indoors but just to see them grow under your care is so rewarding, however for those who are on the go and don’t have much time to care for live plants then going silk (silk plants) is the better option. When choosing plants what you want is to mix up the colors and add splashes of colors with the greenery. Also if preferred choosing plants of different sizes and heights will also add interest creating a pleasing effect to the eyes.

9. Create that Wow with Paint

If you’re fine with the existing colors then that’s alright but if you are planning on changing the color of your room then this should be well thought out because the choice of color for your walls should complement the furniture and all of the other accessories.  As for me, my personal preference is light summer colors that will cause a room to be inviting. So choose colors that you love but will also tie or bring the entire design together.

10. Switch up the Cushions or Purchase Cushion Coverings

Purchasing cushion coverings is cheaper than having to buy the cushions themselves, this is what we did and it made such a big difference, again the goal is to achieve a continual flow for the entire design.

11. Adding Extra Lighting

This is optional, the use and additions of lights play a major role especially during the evening or night hours, having additional lights can brighten up your living room while highlighting your beautiful design. A chandelier or other light fixture of sort can work wonders.

How To Design A Room On A Small Budget-a-living-room
A living room

12. Hang Beautiful Living Room Curtains

The right curtains can make a big difference, choose your curtains wisely. Your choice of curtains should complement the colors of your furniture pieces along with the color of the wall and your rug or carpet. What you want to achieve here is a continuous flow that brings your entire idea together that will create a beautiful picture.

Finding Deals that can Save a Few Extra Bucks

Here are a few tips that can help you to find deals while saving.

  • Check your newspaper to see what stores may be having a sale
  • Check around for garage sale
  • Shop around and ask about upcoming sales
  • If you’re good at talking why not try negotiating a lower price
  • Shopping at the end of the season can help you to find lots of sales
  • Search the internet for sales
  • Ask around, for example, families, friends, co-workers, etc…

I hope that this short list helps you how to find deals and sales maybe you may have others in mind.

The final word on how to design a room on a small budget

Designing a living room on a budget is not hard at all but what it does take is some thought and you will be on your way to creating the room of your dreams. Following this guide will equip you with the know-how of making big changes to your indoor living space. I believe that despite the rise in the cost of living by thinking outside of the box we can still accomplish the desired end. Follow this guide and please let me know how it goes.


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