How To Drain Gas From A Lawnmower

The Right Way to Drain Gas from a Lawnmower

How To Drain Gas From A Lawnmower-a-lawnmower
A lawnmower

There is a right way and a wrong way to remove gas from a mower, often times gas has to be removed and replaced because of sitting in a lawnmower for long periods of time and starts to degrade ( a month or more), somehow water may have gotten in the tank or it may be that time of the year when the colder months are approaching and you’re about to winterize your lawnmower or removing the gas for the following season when spring arrives.

This task doesn’t have to be tedious, we will be discussing proven methods that can be used to help to remove gas from your lawn’s mower tank easily. If this sounds like you then continue reading and see how simple it is to drain gas from a lawnmower.

Your Guide to Drain Gas from a Lawnmower

Tools that are needed for this method

  • A workbench or sawhorses, this method is for non-siphon method
  • A gas storage can
  • Hand pump-style siphon
  • Extra-tall funnel for non-siphon method

The Siphon Method Step 1

  • Once you find the spark plug remove the wire by pulling it off, you may have to tug on the wire a bit to remove it
  • The majority of lawnmower spark plugs wire is attached with a spring clip that’s insulated, this insulated spring helps to protect and prevents accidental ignition or sparking when you’re draining the gas from the lawnmower’s tank

The Siphon Method Step 2

  • Once the gas tank is located proceed to remove the gas tank cap or cover
  • Now insert the sucking end of your siphon pump inside of the tank  and the other end of the pump into the gas can
  • The gas can be placed close to your lawnmower to avoid or minimize the hose from slipping out while the gas is flowing
  • The siphon pump should be allowed to suck or remove all of the gas until it stops flowing
  • Once the siphon is empty remove it from the gas can or container and the mower’s tank
  • The siphon should b wiped clean with a paper towel and put away

The Non-Siphon Method Step 3

Tools that are needed for this method.

  • A gas container or can
  • A funnel

What to do?

  • Make sure that the gas container is on level ground
  • Open the gas container and place the funnel in it
  • Next lifting with your knees, not your back carefully lift your lawnmower and tilt the lawnmower’s gas tank towards the gas container
  • If you’re not sure that you can lift the lawnmower yourself then get help, remember safety is always first
  • As the lawnmower is being tilted the gas should begin to flow out of the lawnmower’s gas tank and into the gas container
  • As the gas level drops in the lawnmower’s tank continue to tilt the tank until its completely empty
  • Rest the lawnmower back on its four wheels and return the lawnmowers tank cover
  • If the gas  is still good and you want to keep it then add a fuel stabilizer

A Bonus Point

If the gas is still good and you want to reuse it then add a fuel stabilizer to the gas container, fuel stabilizer can preserve gas for up to 2 years to about 24 months.

The final word on how to drain gas from a lawnmower

Removing gas from your lawnmower’s tank is that simple, this guide will help you to make this job easier it is so easy and you will get the results by trying one of these methods that have proven to work.


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