How to Fall Garden with Hanging Baskets

Fall Hanging Basket Ideas

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-fuchsia-flowering-plant
Fuchsia flowers hanging basket

Gardening above the ground with hanging baskets is a great way to kick off the fall season, what  I love about hanging baskets is utilizing that extra space besides the addition of beauty and colors. Hanging baskets can do so much to lighten and brighten up an area. Though you may not have sufficient space for a garden or container garden you can still add beauty with the implementation of hanging baskets.

Hanging baskets are sometimes overlooked but these miniature gardens have their advantages and you can grow a variety of plant species with these gardens. I have had the delightful experience of working on many hanging basket projects that brought total ( Beautification) change.

Make this fall a great one by including hanging baskets as a part of your garden design or maybe you may need some ideas on how to spruce up your fall months with the help of these baskets. For more on how to fall garden with hanging baskets continue reading.

7 Ideas for Fall Hanging Baskets

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-bromeliads

1. Low Maintenance Plants

A low-maintenance hanging garden is a great way to garden, choosing to grow plants such as cactus, bromeliads, ZZ plants, spider plants, photos, etc… are just a few of the many low-maintenance plants that will not only add color but are easy to maintain.

These garden types will get your fall off to a great start, low maintenance plants have so many benefits, and taking care of these plants is a breeze, it is almost like setting it and forgetting it but you will still have to show your plants a little tender loving care.

2. Flowering Plants

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-pansy-flowering-plants
Pansy flowers

The use of flowering plants can spruce up and add flavors to a drab area, there are so many fall flowering plants with which to choose, why I love flowering plants is the mixture of colors that can stand out and get things going.

Flowering plants from a hanging basket will bring that wow, some of my favorite fall flowering plants include pansy, fuchsia, petunia, begonia, mums, sweet alyssum, impatiens, lobelia, lantanas, million bells, portulaca, etc…

Before installing plants get to know the maintenance of that plant or plant species to have success, who knows your hanging baskets or hanging garden may attract pollinators or wildlife such as birds.

3. Flavoring your Fall Season with Herbs

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-chive-herb
Chive herbs

Growing herbs from a hanging basket can give those beautiful aromas, with these types of hanging gardens you get the best of both worlds, growing your herbs with your very own hands and having almost an endless supply to continually flavor your favorite recipes.

Growing herbs from a hanging basket will allow you not to sacrifice garden space, with this type of garden you can save a few dollars on that grocery list. With an endless supply of herbs at your fingertips will flavor your fall season.

Some herbs that can be grown from hanging baskets are basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, sage, oregano, parsley, lavender, coriander, mint, marjoram, dill, etc..  if you haven’t why not consider growing an herb garden with the use of hanging baskets.

4. Succulents

How To Fall GardenWith Hanging Baskets-a-succulent-plant
A succulent plant

Succulent plants have thick fleshy tissues that are engorged with water, some succulents are known to only store water in the stems. These succulent species have very small leaves or no leaves at all. But there are some that store water in their leaves.

Succulents got their names because of the thick fleshy, sap-filled leaves, the leaves of succulents allow them to hold and retain water more than plants that have thinner leaves. Succulents can adapt well to harsh conditions where water is scarce. These garden beauties are colorful and easy to take care of which makes them a must-have for your fall garden.

Succulents are popular garden plants that are used in a range of garden design, these plants can also be grown indoors, there is said to be more than 180 varieties which gives you so much to choose from that will give you a colorful fall. Some names of hanging succulents are lantern flowers, wax plants, calico kitchen, October daphne, monkey’s tail, peanut cactus, rat tail cactus, etc…

5. Vines

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-pothos-vine
Pothos Vine

Vines are an old popular favorite that still has not lost its flavor, hanging vines are so beautiful especially as the vines cascade down the sides of containers, walls, water features, and hanging baskets.

There are many vine species that can be used, as a former interior plant escape technician vines were one of the plant species I often work with installing them both in and outdoors on garden projects.

Some of the more popular vine species to work with are pothos vine, English ivy, grape, ivy, arrowhead, common ivy, spider plant, philodendron micans, satin pothos, hoya carnosa, spiderwort, etc… hanging vines are some of my favorites and will look great as a part of your fall design.

6. Growing Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-radishes

Feed yourself and your family while saving a few dollars on that grocery list by growing veggies from hanging baskets, for some, this may not be popular, and for others, this may be a bit strange but growing veggies from a hanging basket has a pleasant twist. This is one of the wonders of gardening above the ground with hanging baskets, I believe this method of gardening has knocked the ball out of the ballpark.

Yes if you’ve ever thought of growing veggies but just don’t have the space then this alternative will work wonders for you and growing veggies from these baskets are easy to maintain. This fall month is filled with surprises as you bring a new fresh twist to the way you garden.

Some vegetables that can be grown are cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sweet potato, lettuce, radishes, spring onions, chard, cucumbers, peas, etc.. there is just something about growing your very own edible foods. This method of growing veggies is a winner.

7. Growing Fruits in Hanging Baskets

How To Fall Garden With Hanging Baskets-strawberries

We should call these edible baskets because fruits can be grown from hanging baskets as well helping you to reap a bountiful harvest. Growing fruits is a great way to grow healthy.

You owe it to yourself so why not give this method of growing fruits a try you will be happy with the results, some fruits that are popular to grow in this way are strawberries, citrus, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

These sweet treats grown by your very own hands are sure to excite your taste buds, it’s amazing what can be grown in hanging baskets, now that you know it’s your turn to give these methods a try. Growing and eating healthy is the way to grow or should I say go.

Additional information

Whatever you decide to grow make sure to get information on the care of that plant which includes the soil type, watering methods, light conditions, and fertilizer use.

The Advantages of Hanging Baskets

  • Less weeding or no weeding at all
  • Watering is kept at a minimum
  • Pest and disease issues are low and manageable
  • Little fertilizing is needed
  • Plant grooming is easy
  • No need to hire a maintenance company, you can do the job yourself saving a few dollars
  • Can increase your property value
  • These gardens can be installed just about anywhere including indoors under the right conditions
  • Add beauty and color to unutilized spaces
  • Relieve stress
  • Can help to clean the air

The final word on How to fall garden with hanging baskets

This fall make it a special one or should I say an amazing one with hanging baskets where you get to grow what you desire to grow as you bring that needed flavor, aroma, and color to your surroundings. I believe this fall will be an exciting one for you as you include this type of gardening in your outdoor as well as your indoor living space. Take advantage of these garden types and reap the benefits.


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