How To Fix A Homes Low Water Pressure

Guide to Increase Water Pressure in Your Home

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Low water pressure can become annoying especially if this is a common issue that you face, there are many reasons for this, and what makes matters worse is depending on why you are having issues with your water pressure can cause an increase in your monthly water bill. Finding the reason why may mean doing your homework,  once the issue is found can be corrected so you can once again have good water pressure in your home. Below is a list of measures that can be taken, this guide will help you to resolve your water pressure issue.

1. Contact Your Utility Company

If you’re experiencing low water pressure it may be that your utility company is carrying out work in your area, so give them a call to see if this is the cause of low water pressure in your home.

2. A Broken Pipe

If the water line is broken can be another cause for low pressure, inspect your waterline for any breaks, signs of waterline breakage include the area where the waterline is located being damp or extremely wet, the pipes may be making noise, high water bill, discolored water, standing water or puddles that remains in the seem spot for days and begins to emanate a foul odor, the presence of mold and mildew, a bubbling or whistling sound, etc…

3. Pipe Clog

There may be a blockage deep down inside of your pipeline that’s causing low water pressure, the use of a drain cleaner or a drain snake can help with this issue, however when it comes to using a drain snake you can do the job yourself or call in a professional plumber to take care of this issue for you.

4. Inspection of your Water Valve

The water valve may not be completely open, inspect your valve to ensure it’s fully turned on or opened up.

5. Mineral collection in the Pipe

The collection of minerals inside of the pipe can be another reason why you are experiencing low water pressure in the case of galvanized steel pipes. The textured surface creates friction and causes low water pressure. A professional plumber has to be called in to replace the pipes which are corroded.

6. Test the Water Pressure

Do a test of the city water pressure by using a water pressure test gauge with a hose connection, how this is done is to screw the water pressure gauge onto a hose faucet and turning on the tap. Ensure however that before this test is carried out that the no faucet is on in the home along with appliances that use water. If the reading shows 40 or 50 psi is on the low end a good reading will be 60, a reading of 80 or more is too high. If the reading is good with the test then the problem lies elsewhere.

7. Home Water Pressure Booster Pump

Water traveling along a long distance will lose pressure because of friction in the pipe as it travels from the water source if you’re facing this issue the installation of a home water pressure booster pump can help. A professional plumber will have to be called in to install this pump. However, when using a home water booster pump may increase your electricity bill.

8. The Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator is responsible to ensure that water doesn’t rush through the pipe, the regulator is located at the meter or where the service line enters the house. Pressure drop can also be caused by a regulator that’s not working properly or has gone bad. This issue can only be solved by either resetting or replacing the part, a professional plumber can carry out the work for you.

The final word on how to fix a home low water pressure

This list guide of how to fix a home’s low water pressure will help this is your map to help you to resolve your water pressure issues, having good water pressure can make our lives easier. So follow this guide and get rid of that low water pressure once and for all.


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