How To Garden When Pregnant

Is it Safe to Garden When Pregnant

How To Garden When Pregnant-a-pregnant-woman
A pregnant woman

Gardening can be such a rewarding experience that can transform and impact our outdoor as well as our indoor living space in beautiful ways, no matter how big or small having a garden provides the opportunity for us to become creative and get in on some needed exercise as we work hand in hand with nature. But for that weekend worrier or garden enthusiast who can’t move as freely as before because of that little one or bundle of joy that’s on the way can still remain active in the garden although there are some dos, and don’t that should be considered to ensure the safety of both mom and her baby.

Garden Saftey for Pregnant Women

Caution: Gardening can be a rewarding experience for a woman that’s pregnant but can increase her exposure to toxoplasmosis. This disease is brought on by infection from Toxoplasma gondii parasites, although these parasites are common you are more at risk of getting sick during pregnancy from toxoplasmosis because your immune system is lower. Studies have shown that Toxoplasma is not only contracted by gardening alone but can be contracted from cat feces and uncooked meat. 

Rules to Follow

  • Before going outdoors ensure you are wearing the proper gardening gear, a pair of comfortable long pants, the pants should not be tight, and a long sleeve shirt that’s loose and not tight fitted. A good pair of garden gloves, comfortable boots that are for gardening, a face mask, a garden hat, and a pair of gardening goggles. This gear will help to protect from the sun and from contaminated soil
  • Eat a healthy breakfast first before going outdoors and wait until about an hour or thereabout before working in your garden
  • Don’t lift tools that are heavy get help when needed to assist
  • If you’re growing an edible garden wash all of the products thoroughly before consuming
  • Take breaks in between work, find a cool shaded comfortable spot, and rest
  • Replace fluids by drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration
  • Although you’re wearing garden gloves it’s good to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap after your garden chores are completed
  • If chemicals are being used stay indoors or away from your garden for a least 48 hours or longer after spray application because sprays stay afloat in the breeze for a while so what you don’t want is to inhale this chemical. Once the air is clear and the chemicals on your plants are dry it’s safe to continue your  gardening
  • Whenever possible use integrated pest management (IPM), IPM encourages the use of non-chemical methods to control garden insect pests and diseases
  • If spray application must be carried out use an organic spray but also let someone do the spraying for you.
  • Avoid touching any part of your face with dirty gloves.
  • When working in your garden always maintain a good posture, kneeling is much better than bending over for long periods of time which can put a lot of pressure on your spine and back
  • Keep cats out of your garden because as stated earlier the feces of cats can contaminate the soil by a parasite that causes Toxoplasma. Make sure there are no cats including the neighbor’s cat lurking around your garden.

Easy Gardening Chores for a Pregnant Woman

  • Taking care of indoor plants
  • Watering your garden
  • Plant propagation by taking cuttings and repotting them
  • Installing bedding plants
  • Growing salad crops
  • Planting seeds
  • Using a hoe to remove weeds
  • Installing small plants in a container or a window box that does not require the use of a ladder

The final word on how to garden when pregnant

Who says that you have to hang up the gloves until the baby arrives, you can still do what you love (gardening) it’s all a matter of putting a plan in place followed by executing that plan in a safe way. Whether growing indoor or outdoor plants during pregnancy the goal is to go for what works for you, safety is first, and following this guide will ensure you garden the right way as you work hand in hand by connecting with nature outdoors or in your indoor living space.


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