How to Get Free Plants for Your Garden

12 Ways to Get Free Plants

How To Get Free Plants For Your Garden-a-butterfly-resting-on-a-plant
A butterfly resting on a plant

Gardening can become very rewarding as we allow our imagination and creativity to guide our hands to create a work of art by bringing transformation to our outdoor or indoor living space. The different plant species with their shades of colors can bring that wow as we create our garden oasis that will brighten our days, or perhaps growing an edible garden that can help us to save on our grocery bill.

But one challenge that we often face is finding plants at a reasonable price, I have visited plant nurseries on numerous occasions and have seen how costly plants can be, the good news however is if you’ve had this challenge like I did then here are 12 ways to get free plants for your garden.

1. Save Seeds

Collect seeds from self-pollinating plants and save them for the next season when you can plant them.

2. Ask Friends, Family, or Neighborhood

A good source for free plants are friends, family, or neighbors, it is all a matter of asking and I am sure you can get a plant or two or even more free of charge.

3. Grow Plants from Cuttings

Growing plants from cuttings is a great way to populate your garden, your garden is a treasure trove that can provide lots of plants.

4. Catalog Promotions

A great place for free plants is a plant catalog, in some cases, you can get your first order for free.

5. Grow Edible Plants from Scraps

Growing edible plants from kitchen scraps is a great way to save on that grocery bill, kitchen scraps are a gold mine, don’t trash the gold use it to your advantage. Growing edible plants from kitchen scraps may take some time but the rewards are there as you eat healthy foods grown by your very own hands.

6. Join a Garden Club

Joining a garden club is a great place to meet like-minded people that can even spark into friendship, what is so great about a garden club is the tours that are put on or even plant swamp. Classes are sometimes held providing information that can help you with those garden projects.

7. Check Craiglist, Newspaper, and Freecycle

Checking places like Craigslist, newspapers, and Freecycle is a great source of information for free plants

8. ‘Buy-Nothing Facebook Group

This group has stuff up to grab for free, among the many things that are given away are shrubs, flowers, plants, and small trees, you will have to check the group often because stuff can go really fast.

9. Divide Existing Plants

A favorite way to get plants for free is to divide large plants, based on the size of the plant you can grow two or even three plants by dividing a single plant. Make sure when dividing plants that each piece has sufficient roots to develop a complete root system.

11. Seed Exchange Groups

Joining a seed exchange group is a great way to get plants, you can exchange your seeds for seeds you don’t have, do an online search to see if there are any of these groups in your area, or check with your gardening societies.

12. Construction and Landscaping Companies

These businesses have information on plants that are about to be discarded, call around a few of these companies to see if any projects are going on where they’re taking out plants. Ask if it’s ok for you to pick up some of those plants.

How to get free plants for your garden

Getting free plants is that simple although it may take a little bit of work on your part, the good news is that with a little effort, you can have the plants that you want for free.  Gardening can be so rewarding as we connect with nature outdoors by giving nature a helping,  providing food not only for ourselves but food source for the many wildlife as we also beautify our- surroundings that can benefit us in so many ways along with encouraging biodiversity and impacting our environment in a positive way.


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  1. Great share, really appreciate the tips. I have always wondered about growing plants from cuttings. Could you share any top tips for growing plants from cuttings? I haven’t had much success with this. With the cost of food going up I would like to experiment with more home grown goods instead.


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