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How to kill centipedes

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There are many creepy crawlers that can be found in our landscapes and garden area, and as creepy as these insects they help to bring balance to the eco-system. One such creepy crawler is the centipede, centipedes are predatory arthropods that feed upon soft-bodied insects such as roaches, spiders, worms, termites, flies, moths, fleas, silverfish other centipedes, etc… there are more than 1500 species of centipedes that can be found outdoors.

I saw a video at one time where a giant centipede attack and ate a small snake which I found to be pretty amazing. One thing to keep in mind is that all wildlife seeks shelter, food, and water this is what attracts them to our environment, have you ever came across a large centipede? this happened to me on many occasions and to be honest with you it was a surprise but not a good one.

Just two nights ago both my wife and I returned home from our local church and to my surprise, a long centipede was trying to make its way it seems into our home my wife walked passed it but I saw it shouted to my son for one of the tools that were in the house which once the tool was handed to me I leaped into action.  The centipede put up a fight but in the end, I emerge the victor.

How to get rid of centipede in the garden

A good way to keep centipede out of our homes is by creating an environment from outdoors which will keep them out of our gardens, once we keep them out of our gardens and landscapes then there is a good chance they won’t enter our homes.

Keep your garden area free of debris

A great way to keep centipede out of your garden is by keeping your gardens and landscapes free of debris, rake up fallen leaves and branches. Centipedes love these areas to hid but eliminating debris will lessen the chance of a centipede taking up residence in your garden.

Avoid dump conditions

Dump conditions will encourage the presence of centipedes because they love moisture, I know that garden plants need water to survive but a good rule to follow is to allow your plants to dry out between watering which will discourage centipede and will also be good for the health of your plant safeguarding against root rot and other fungal diseases.

Sticky Traps

The use of sticky traps is a good way to catch them. Sticky traps should be placed in the corners of your home or areas where centipedes are mostly seen. Keep in mind however that sticky traps are most effective against smaller centipedes.

Leaky Faucets

Centipedes love moisture if you have a leaky faucet in your garden area or your home get right on it and fix it because a leaky faucet will encourage the presence of centipedes.

Broken irrigation lines

If water is leaking from your irrigation system whether a pipeline or sprinkler head will attract centipede because of moisture so repair your sprinkler system.

Sealing Holes

Though we are talking about the garden area when it comes to our home we should take into consideration opening that gives centipedes access into our home. Seal holes where water and electrical pipes are running from the outside.

Repair screens that have holes, door sweeps should fit tightly. In other words, close of entry points.

Wood Piles

Wood piles should be kept off the ground because if wood piles sit on the ground especially under damp conditions will encourage the presence of centipedes.

Rotted logs and Mulches

Centipede loves rotted logs and mulches which are constantly wet, mulches and logs do have their place in the garden area by giving that all-natural look but try to monitor the moisture level not to damp or wet, this may be a little challenging because our plants need water but with some practice, you will be able to monitor the amount of moisture which will discourage centipedes.

A manicured lawn

If you have a garden lawn it is best to keep it well-manicured because not only will a well-manicured lawn grow healthy it will increase your property’s value. A lawn that is overgrown will encourage disease and garden insect pests along with centipede especially if the lawn is constantly moist.

Kill them on sight

A great way to send the message home is to kill them on sight, don’t be afraid of them. Centipedes will seek to defend themselves but take control and do what is necessary to keep your home and garden free of them.

The use of barriers

The use of barriers is a great way to keep centipedes at bay, chemicals sprayed around the border or the perimeter of your house or garden will discourage them.

A pest-free home

Remember as stated at the beginning of this post wildlife enter our environment for three reasons food, shelter, and water, centipede eats soft-bodied insect such as spiders and roaches, by keeping your home free of these insect pests will lessen the chance of their invasion.

Reduce Clutter

Besides moisture centipede love to be hidden, reducing the amount of clutter in and outdoors is a great way to discourage them.

Freeing your sinks

Ensure that your sink is in good repair because sinks that are clogged can and will attract centipedes, unclogging your sinks is a good step in the right direction.

Centipede fun facts

1. A centipede is nocturnal meaning they are most active at night.

2. Centipedes have 15-30 pairs of legs.

3. Centipedes have venomous fangs that they inject into their prey.

4. All centipedes have poor eyesight.

5. If a centipede loses a leg the leg will regrow.

6. It is said that a centipede grooms itself.

7. Centipede’s legs changes throughout their lifetime.

The final word

Although centipedes bring balance to the eco-system their presence can strike fear in many, a centipede will only sting if they feel threatened and can give a painful bite which in most cases will require medical attention but keeping our surrounding areas clean will help in a centipede free zone so follow these steps for success.


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16 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Centipede In The Garden”

  1. I honestly had no idea that Centipedes were such pests.  I always found them out in the wild as a child and was fascinated by them.

    You have given us great tips on how to implement the necessary steps to keep them away.  I actually have a leaky faucet in the garden which i need to get fixed urgently. I am worried because it might attract those horrid creatures!

    Thanks again

  2. I hate centipedes with passion and I always ensure to kill them immediately I sight them. They irritate me so much and there was a particular time they flooded my garden. It was really annoying until I had to use an insecticide spray on all the yard. Though it killed some of the plants but I was able to get rid of them. Reading this post now, I was able to remember that it was due to the fact that I made use of a particular waste moisture that season. I guess that was why they flooded my yard. Thanks so much for the tips and the facts about centipedes. I learnt well

  3. Wow, this post just sent me back to ages, I remember when I was young and I always scream and run whenever I see a centipede, I grew up scared of it but as time went by, I was courageous enough to smash the head of some , lol. Nowadays, centipedes are always surrounding my garden, I wonder why, maybe its the punishment I get for smashing some years back. Thanks for sharing this article, it’ll really help me make my environment a centipede fee zone. I find it very useful and very thoughtful of you to share this because its not a common topic anyone can just write about. I really like it. Thanks

  4. This is the downside about having a beautiful garden – Centipede.Arent these insects poisenous?Well I havent seen them in my mothers garden but im sure she will enjoy going through this website just incase she runs into one.She is always planting new plants and im actually suprised she hasnt encountered a Centipede.Thans to this post she will know be able to get rid of them.Nice Post

  5. I hate the sight of creeping insects and the many legs of centipedes is something I don’t like seeing at all. I live in a sit moist area where its always damp and I get ti see these things around. I always keep my garden clean because I get to sit there alot with my family. I think creating a barrier is the best option here. Are there any specific insecticide you’ll suggest?

    • There are many insecticides on the market but you can give Cype WSP and LambdarStar UltraCap. Hope this helps all the best you and have a good day.

    • I have a koi pond sanctuary in my backyard and I happened to notice small centipedes on top of the logs in the water….
      I have tropical plants growing in the ponds as well…
      With my koi and red eared slider turtles … how do I attempt to rig of them without harming the koi and turtles?

  6. For a very long time now, I have been researching on ways to get rid of Centipedes in my garden. I had given up because of my inability to get relevant information to help me out.

    But just at the point of giving up, I stumbled across this post that explicitly explained in details how to kill these centipedes that serve as a threat to my garden…

    Thank you so much for this post. I love it

    • The presence of centipede is not good at all but the good part is that with the proper information we can keep them at bay for our safety. So happy to help, all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Thank you so much for writing about this topic. My uncle has a garden in his house, and it’s possible that the centipedes that he found recently in his house came from the garden. Since he has two kids, he fear the centipedes may cause harm to them. I shall forward your article to him to ensure all the possible places for centipedes to live can be annihilated! Thanks again.

  8. I think i have had a nest in my garden there are hundreds of them. Ive tried just scooping them up and putting them in a bag with clorox but it’s never ending. I’m afraid they are everywhere in my just planted iris memorial garden. I don’t want to use insecticides but i don’t know how else to get rid of them .


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