How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs In The Garden

Controlling Stink Bugs in Your Fall Garden

How To Get Rid of Stink Bug In The Garden-a-stink-bug
A Stink Bug

There are more than 200 species of stink bugs that can be found throughout the United States, these bugs are not only found in garden areas but have been known to invade many homes. Stink bugs belong to the family Pentatomidae. Some species are known to be damaging to plant crops. Other species have been known to eat their family, these bugs get their interesting name from a natural defense mechanism or a part of their body that releases a foul odor to ward off predators.

All life stages of stink bugs are known to cause damage to plants (ornamental and edible plants) and can be found in areas where there is an abundance of vegetation. Stink bugs can be easily recognized by their broad-body and shield-shaped, the adults overwinter under tree barks or in dead leaves emerging in the spring when temperatures reach between 60 and 70 degrees.

The female stink bug may produce two to four generations per season, by the beginning of the summer months the female stink bug would have laid hundreds of eggs that are barrel-shaped. These eggs can be found on the stems and the leaves of host plants, weeds, and long grasses. After the eggs hatch they will go through five stages of development, molting several times after which they develop wings and reach maturity (adults) in about five weeks or there about. The adult bugs measure 1/2 inch in length.

14 Ways to Stink Bug Control in Your Home and Garden

1. Keep Your Garden Area Clean and Neat: keep your garden clean and free of weeds, overgrown plants should also be reduced because stink bugs are known to use weeds and overgrown plants as a place to cover or hide.

2. Using Plants: Using plants to control stink bugs is a natural and safe approach, install plants that will attract certain insects that are natural predators to stink bugs for example marigolds and sunflowers.

3. Keep Your Yard Clear of Debris: Stink bugs love to take cover so to discourage them from your yard remove logs, boards, etc…

4. Natural Repellents: Kaolin clay is a natural repellent that will control stink bug populations, once stink bugs are treated they will no longer be able to lay eggs or feed on plants. This product is safe to use on plants including edible plants and can be easily washed off.

5. Pesticide Use: Because of their waxy coat that makes it hard for most pesticides to penetrate their body Insecticidal soap, Pyrethrin, and Neem oil will bring control. Before using pesticides read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. (Only pesticides that are labeled for edible plants should be used).

6. Stink Bug Traps: You can purchase stink bug traps to Catch the adults.

7. Using Soapy Water: Spray soapy on directly on stink bugs will bring control.

8 . The Mint Plant: Stink bugs dislike the smell of mint, consider planting it in your garden, or crushing a few leaves and scattering them around the base of other plants.

Keeping Stink Bugs out of Your Home

1. To ensure that stink bugs do not enter your home check for entry points or openings where the pipe enters the home, exterior wood siding, windows and screens that must be repaired, electrical outlets, door frames, a crack in the wall which they can fit through, door frames, etc… generally speaking look for any form of openings stink bugs can fit through. Openings can be sealed with caulk, silicone-based products should be used for glass

2. Stink bugs are harmless to humans they do not bite but rather attach themselves to outdoor food sources and plants

3. Use outside bulbs such as sodium-vapor lights or yellow bulbs to discourage insects from being attracted to your homes because insects are attracted by bright lights

4. The use of pesticides that are labeled for stink bugs will also bring elimination, before using pesticides read and follow the directions on the manufacturer’s label for safety and the best results.

5.  Remove stink bugs with the use of a vacuum cleaner if you have one that uses bags. Once you’ve sucked up these pests, remove the bag and put it in the outdoor trash can.

6. Hang a damp towel over a deck railing or lawn chair during night hours,  the following morning do your inspection, you will find stink bugs blanket in the towel. Throw bugs in a bucket of soap and water.

The final word on how to get rid of stink bugs in the garden

Control stink bugs is that simple, these proven methods will help to bring sting bug control, If you are having issues with this pest this guide is just what you need. Why let these pests be a nuisance when you can stop them in their tracks?


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