How To Get Your Kids To Eat vegetables?

Kids Loading Up on Greens

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As parents one of the challenges most of us face if not all of us and that is getting our children to eat their vegetables. I am sure you can still remember your childhood days when your mom or dad or both of them may be some other family member almost had to brainwash you into eating your vegetables or perhaps you were one of those kids that just loved eating your vegetables without having to be brainwashed or threatened.

Well if the latter describes you then I know it was a joy for your parents to fill your plate with veggies. You were rare as a child in this matter because this is not how it is with kids that are in most homes. The flip side of the coin, however, is that in some homes kids are discouraged by parents not to eat vegetables, and what I mean by that is some parents indirectly discourage their kids by getting them used to unhealthy eating.

In this day and time, fast food joints are making a killing of the number of monies they are making simply because some kids somehow get their parents to say yes when they pass these places. But as parents what we must realize is that our kid’s health is important and we cannot afford to allow them to throw a tantrum, it doesn’t matter how cute little Tommy or Susie may be as they look up with such pitiful eyes which just causes you to melt and say yes, anything for you my little angel.

Doctor’s report

Here is what studies have shown with kids that are overweight, It is a lot that can be said on this point but I think you will understand with these few short points just how dangerous it is for kids to be overweight because of unhealthy eating.

Obesity in Children

When it comes to children it is alarming off the many who are overweight. Studies have shown that in the United State 1 out of 3 kids are overweight

which can lead to type 2 diabetes, bone, and joint problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, trouble breathing, and other health-related issues.

Studies have also shown that being overweight is a major contributor to persons dying in the United States.

From these few points, we can see what unhealthy eating can do. We should make changes to our children’s diet even if that means cute little Tommy or Susie getting upset with us because we will be helping not only them but ourselves by not having sickly kids that are in the doctor’s office on a regular because this can be a drain on your wallet.

Bugs Bunny Story Believe it, it is true

Many years ago my niece who is now in her 2o’s loved carrots as a child thanks to the bugs bunny cartoon. She loved to eat carrots because bugs bunny encouraged her to do that, that’s right he did and how was this possible and how do I know that, well

every time she ate a piece of carrots she would repeat what bugs bunny would often say and the words were “what’s up doc” and then she would start chewing away at her carrots. I mean this was not only new and funny to me but it showed me the impact bugs bunny had on her little mind. Well, all I can say is thanks to buggsy for inspiring my niece.

Won’t it be nice to have television programs that inspire kids to eat their veggies, this would really make a parent’s job a lot easier. I wonder if Popeye the sailor man and his spinach-eating that gives him super strength inspire some kids to eat their vegetables. If you know of any story like this be sure and let me know I will really appreciate it.

Valuable information

In the health section of my website, you will find valuable information that goes more in-depth about the many issues that concern our health along with foods and the many benefits they contain, and how you can live a more healthy lifestyle. So feel free and have a look around.

What can we do as parents?

Many parents are puzzled or even frustrated with how to address this issue of getting their children to be a lover of veggies. Well look no further, here are some tips you can apply that have proven to give good results so let’s have a closer look at some of these solutions.

1. Have them help you prepare salads and while preparing, make a game out of it, sing songs, laugh, smile, and even taste a little at the same time because children follow by example.

2. As much as possible let your kids see you eating veggies and talk to them about how healthy and strong they will become by making veggies a part of their diet.

3. Promise if they eat their veggies you would do something special for them and whatever you choose to make it so special they will be begging you to put veggies on their plates.

4. Just like adults children are fascinated with colors. Make your salads colorful by using different veggie colors that will be very pleasing to their eyes that will cause them to dive in and eat to their heart’s content. Here are a few salad recipes you can try out.

5. What about sprinkling a little brown sugar on some carrot sticks.

6. Using dips is a good way for them to eat veggies and remember there is a kid in all of us no matter how old we are, make a game out of the dips.

7. Buy children’s DVDs on veggies and other health-related issues and watch it with them.

8. Offer them a treat, now I don’t want to sound like I am contradicting myself but offering them a little unhealthy treat for eating their veggies is great. Just limit the amount of this kind of treat.

9. Semi-cook vegetables with them, let them be the chief even if that means dressing them up in their little chief clothes. You never know you may spark an interest and have an aspiring chef in years to come.

10. Don’t force them to eat their veggies.

11. This one may be a little tough but if you can make shapes out of veggies and have them do the same also.

12. Give them a choice of what veggies they want. Let them feel like they are in control. Let them have their way with this.

13. Making smoothies and add a few sprinkles of veggies is a good way to sneak in those greens.

14. Take them grocery shopping with you and have them pick out the vegetables.

15. Let those creative juices flow and mix it up. Create different vegetable salads.

16. Using salad dressing is a good way to get your kids to eat their veggies. Choose a dressing that’s healthy with a delicious flavor and have your kids put some of this dressing on their salad. Monitor them.

Don’t give up

And by all means, don’t give up keep trying different ways. Remember our children are one of our greatest investments and we cannot afford to run the risk of having their health decline because of unhealthy eating.

The final word

I believe all that we need to maintain good health is found in the foods that we eat. These foods are our pharmacy, that provides us with all of that good natural stuff which will keep us happy and healthy so let’s do our best to be the BEST example to our kids

by encouraging them to eat their veggies that have proven to be so beneficial from generation to generation.


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6 thoughts on “How To Get Your Kids To Eat vegetables?”

  1. What a wonderful list of ideas you have shared Norman. I know how hard it can be to get kids and even some adults to eat veggies. My son would not eat any cooked veggies but he would do some raw so that is what I went with. Today he is the picture of health and eats so well. I love to visit as I get to taste some pretty awesome new things that are so darned healthy.
    I love to visit your site and see all of the info and nutritional facts.
    Thank you for sharing. Wishing you the best as you continue


  2. I can remember in my days when eating ‘healthy’ was important. Coming from a large family and both my parents working, one would think fast foods seemed to be the answer. The best part was having a garden and all my siblings and I had to do was pluck them out… I remember times of eating fresh vegetables raw before they even got into the house again.

    Now that I see my kids and grandkids are always in a rush for hockey, skiing, swimming and into basketball, they don’t seem to have time. Your suggestions are excellent and I have this printed and will hand out to my kids.

    I enjoyed reading this, thank you!

    • Hello Monica so good to see you. Eating healthy is so important and we should do all we can to maintain good health. So good to know that you grew up eating healthy and want to pass this infomation on to your family. It is so good to know that persons like your self can and do encourage family to do the right thing.

      Please let me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Thank you for presenting lots of great options to get kids to eat their veggies! I never had too many problems in this area, and now my child asks for certain types of veggies with meals just so that she does not have to eat other veggies that I buy for myself (like beets or spagetti squash).
    I think it is important that children know that eating vegetables is good for their bodies. We try to eat as much seasonal food as possible, and use frozen veggies in winter. Great post!

  4. I use the technique of asking for their help to prepare the vegetables and it really works out well at the time of eating! Nice website full of good information. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Norman,

    Thank you for the excellent post and great ideas! I agree with you that parents face the obesity problem in children more than ever. With fast-food shops everywhere, it’s difficult for parents to keep a balance. And the even bigger task is to teach children how to eat healthily.

    Thanks again,


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