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Growing one of natures best

Yellow sweet corn-how-to-grow-a-corn-plant

Ears of corn

Corn one of nature’s prized treasures

Corn is a vegetable that is grown worldwide. This veggie is used in so many products such as flour, bread, syrups, corn meal, corn flakes, conditioners, gasoline, oils, hand soaps, wax paper, diapers, alcohol, drinks, candies,  baby formulas, chocolates etc….

We can go on and on with the many products that use this veggie. Donuts, muffins and other breakfast foods are derived from corn.

Corn use

Tons and tons of corn are produced each year and what is even more amazing is that 35% of the world’s population depend 0n corn as a means of survival. Corn is also used to feed livestock.

I remembered as a child many of the neighbors had their home gardens and one of the veggies that everyone grew it seem was sweet corn, even my father had a garden where he grew this vegetable.

I myself took delight in growing this vegetable in my little garden as a child also.

Corn Fun Facts an benefits

To learn more about the many benefits of corn click link. Corn fun facts and benefits.

Growing sweet corn

Corn growing in corn field-how-to-grow-a-corn-plant


When growing sweet corn the first thing to consider is where you are going to have your garden. The ideal place is an area that gets 6-8 hours of sunlight. The soil should be an organic soil, you can also start a compost pile that way you will always have nice healthy soil to grow your crops.

Place about 3 seeds in each hole, holes should be spaced about 6-8 inches apart and planted at a depth of 1-1/2 inch. Cover seeds with soil and water well.

How to grow a corn plant

Seed Germination

After  1-2 weeks your seeds will germinate, at this point continue to keep your corn plant well watered not waterlogged.

Fertilizing your corn plant

After your corn plant reaches about 2-3 feet you can apply an organic fertilizer.

Sweet corn pest

There are many insects that love to feed on sweet corn but don’t let these uninvited guest frustrate you, there are products that are at your disposal which can be used to curve this problem along with other methods.

Some of these pests include the corn leaf aphids, corn air worms, flea beetles, and spider mites. Applying an organic insecticide can offer some relief

By introducing frogs in your garden is a safe and natural way to get rid of some of these insect pests. In the case of spider mites, a garden attachment to a horse with the gauge set at jet or sharpshooter will eliminate them.

Biological control is another way to take care of this problem. For more information on how to control garden pest follow the links, garden pest, and pest control.

How to grow a corn plant

Time to harvest

Your corn can be harvested anywhere from 67-83 days. When harvesting corn hold, firmly and twist. Now you are ready to take your corn from the garden to the kitchen and then onto the dinner table.

The final word

As valuable as this plant is to us it is very easy to grow. So why not start a garden of your own by growing these veggies and enjoy the many benefits they offer. With that said let’s get started planting those corn seeds.

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