How To Grow A Recycled Garden With Kids

Tips for Growing a Kids Recycled Garden

How To Grow A Recycled Garden For Kids-growing-flowering-plants-in-a-pair- of-boots
Flowering plants in a pair of boots

There is a famous quote “one man’s junk is another Man’s treasure” This is so true as I have seen many times how a throwaway has been turned into something useful it’s all a matter of thinking outside of the box and using your creative imagination. This is also true when it comes to gardening, that which is considered useless and without value can be transformed into something useful and of great value.

Below we will be discussing how to grow a recycled garden with kids, this fun activity will teach kids to use their young minds to reduce and reuse which contributes to or discourages wastage. These ideas can and will provide not only beauty but will also help to support plant life that is so important to our environment and the ecosystem so here are some recycling ideas for a kid’s garden.

12 Kids Recycling Garden Ideas

1. Paper Cups: Draw funny faces on paper cups followed by adding good garden soil and then seedlings.

2. Toilet Paper tubes: Once the toilet paper has been used,  save about 6-8 paper tubes, and stand each tube in a square plastic container Now fill each container up with soil and place your seeds or seedings in each tube.

3. Old Pair of Boots: Those old pair of boots you’re planning to throw away can be used to grow plants, simply drill a few holes in the sole or at the bottom of your boots for drainage. Next, add the soil and then your seeds or seedlings. This idea looks so amazing.

How To Grow A Recycled Garden With Kids-herbs-growing-in-plastic-bottles
Herbs growing in plastic bottles

4. Creating a Plastic Bottle Garden: Creating a plastic bottle garden is a great way to grow garden herbs, these bottles can also be used to plant seeds. Cut a square in one side of the bottle now add your soil and then your seeds or seedlings and you’re all set to go.

5. Old Plastic Buckets: Old plastic buckets can be used to grow plants, drill a few small holes in the bottom add your soil, and then your plants.

6. Tin Cans: Cut one side of the tin can open, ensure there are no sharp edges, punch a few holes at the bottom add your soil then the seed or seedlings, to make this project more exciting paint each tin can different colors to give a rainbow appearance or draw a funny face on each can.

7. Egg Carton: Fill the carton with soil and add your seeds or seedlings.

8. Compact Disc: Hang old CDs around your garden will scare birds away.

9. Old Tires: Old tires can be used as planters, color each tire a different color fill the center of the tire with soil, and add your seeds, seedlings, or plants. To make it interesting stack three or four tires, and paint the tires different colors for a rainbow effect. Full the tires with the soil now add your plants.

How To Grow A Recycled Garden With Kids-plastic-bottles-with-flowers
Funny faces plastic bottle

10. Juice and Milk Carton: Juice and milk cartons can be used for seedlings and seeds, poke a few holes at the bottom for water drainage followed by adding soil and your plants.

11. Using A Gallon Bottle: A one-gallon plastic bottle can be used as a watering can, use a drill or nail, and make about 4-5 holes in the bottle cap. Next, fill the bottle with water and replace the cap. Now you are all set to water your garden.

12. Umbrella: An old umbrella can be used to protect small plants that are easily burned or damaged by direct sunlight.

The final word on how to grow a recycled garden with kids

Recycling a garden with kids is a great way to teach kids about the importance of recycling which can reduce waste and save a few bucks as well. I believe that kids will love this sort of project as they let their imagination direct them down a path that’s filled with excitement and expand their knowledge. This is a fun activity to keep kids active in a positive way as they work together by giving nature a helping hand.


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