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Getting a taste of the tropics

Tropical Plants-how-to-plant-a-tropical-garden

Tropical Plants

I love the tropics with its white sandy beaches, beautiful blueish-greenish crystal clear waters, nice sunny days as the breeze blows so gently with many tropical plants in an array of colours which seems to make the tropics seem like a fairytale story.

I live in a tropical region, this has been my home from the date of birth. I have spent many days taking in all the beauty this island paradise has to offer. Visitors from countries worldwide visits these shores spending thousands of dollars to have this kind of experience or should I say to get a taste of the tropics.

What enhances the flavour of the tropics is its beautiful gardens that both the natives and the wildlife take full advantage off. Now for many that are reading this post, I know you may be living in an environment that is not the same but the good news is I have come to bring the tropics to you by providing information which will help you to get a taste of the tropics by planting a tropical garden.

I don’t live in the tropics

For some of you, this may be your words but that does not mean that you are limited by your location. By putting this knowledge to use will give you the most delightful taste of the tropics that is filled with flavour and will swipe you by its charm.

Tropical garden conditions

I must agree and I am sure you will to that in order to create a tropical garden the right conditions must be met or at least the climate should be somewhat tropical which includes Moisture and humid warm weather. Once you have these conditions you are set to go in creating your tropical garden.

Garden Design

Garden Plants-how-install-a-tropical-garden

Garden Flowers


Your garden design is so important and should be well planned if your tropical garden is to have that flow that ties everything together. Choose a location that gets 5-8 hours of sunlight.

The choice of location should accommodate garden plants so when they reach maturity they will have sufficient room to grow and flourish. For example, you don’t want to choose a location that is small in size and install large plants, not good at all. If the location is small then choose similar size plants that will fit this area and so on.

Choice of plants

When it comes to choice of plants select plants that are colourful. Plants that have beautiful blooms and plants that have colourful foliage (leaves) will do. Using plants of varies height and shapes will bring interest and flavour to your tropical garden.

The planting site

The planting site should be prepared by adding organic matter or compost to your garden soil because adding organics will help to build your soil making it fit for your plants to grow lush and healthy.

Plant layout

First plants should be grouped according to their water requirements, never group plants together that has different water requirements because one will suffer at the expense of the other.

Larger plants should always be placed at the back and smaller plants should be at the front. Medium size plants should be placed in the centre. It is good to break the rules a bit however and just go for it, for example, a few smaller plants that grow to let’s say two feet or a little taller can be placed in the back but more in the corners where they can be seen.

Don’t over think this just go for it. The goal is that your tropical garden will appear as if no human effort was involved. It should look all natural

Installing your plants

Install your plants by giving them sufficient room to grow. About a foot or two may help, also you can check with your plant nurseryman so they can advise you on planting distant based on plants width at maturity.

Don’t install plants too deeply. As a set rule all of the plant’s root ball should be in the ground from the truck or stem up should be above ground.

Adding mulch

Mulches have so many benefits besides beautifying your garden. For more on the benefits of mulches follow or click this link.  The benefits of mulch.

Garden Pest

Garden insect pests can put a real damper on your garden but the good news is you can take control of these insects and have much garden success I have written several posts on this topic. Here are two posts that can offer some help.

Insect pest and garden insect pest and their control.

For further information on garden insect pest refer to the category section of this website.

Garden plant disease

Plant disease is another issue that presents a problem but don’t despair following these links will offer some help. Plant disease and Plant disease control.

The final word

Planting a tropical garden can be really amazing as you get a taste of the tropics. So why not give this garden a try adding that much need flavour to your existing landscapes or garden which will be truly awesome or it may be a garden you are installing for the first time. Remember just go for it and get a taste of the tropics.

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