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It’s that time of year again when bears and other wildlife go into hibernation, the sweet chirping of birds silently comes to a halt as they fly south, butterflies and bees are no longer about their daily activities as they seem to vanish from your eyes.

The beautiful trees that once graced your landscape with their beautiful lush green leaves stand naked as they are covered with snow, flowering plants that swayed so softly in the cool summer’s breeze refuse to flower but has fallen to sleep.

Everywhere you look there is nothing but snow as you get ready for a winter wonderland that can bring such a cozy feeling as you pull out those coats, boots scuffs, and mittens warming up with a cup of hot chocolate to embrace this time of year.

Is it really possible to garden year-round though summer and spring have passed? can we continue to eat fresh herbs and vegetables from our gardens as the snow falls and covers the ground? The answer to these questions is yes.

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Holly plant

Winter gardening can be such a delightful experience as we continue to garden through the winter, yielding a bountiful crop. Winter gardening is not new but is something that has been discovered from generations past

and has passed down to us where we can continue this wonderful experience. In this article, we will be looking at the how-to winter garden so we can have fresh herbs and veggies throughout the winter months.

Tips for winter gardening

1. Container gardening is a great way to grow crops in the winter. The advantage of container gardening is you can always move plant pots and containers around and even bring them indoors to locations where it is warmer. Patios and porches make a great place, even your garage may provide some success.

2. Growing herbs are also made possible by growing them in seed trays and transplanting them into one-gallon growers pot keeping them in a warm place like on the kitchen counter.

3. Check with your plant nursery and garden center for cold-tolerant crops and how to care for them based on your zone.

4. Cover winter crops with a three-inch layer of pine needles, straws, or leaves. These methods will ensure that your plants stay warm.

5. Translucent Plastic or glass buildings that are unheated provides heat for your plants by absorbing heat from the sun. These buildings can be purchased from your garden center.

6. Constructing a raised bed on the side of your house that is mostly protected from the wind and winter frost, but gets some sunlight can help.

How to grow winter garden

Plants to grow in winter

Here is a list of veggies that can be planted in your winter garden

1. Carrots.                             7. Radishes.

2. Lettuce.                           8. Cauliflower.

3. Beets                                9. Cress.

4. Cabbage.                         10. Mustard Greens.

5. Kale.                                 11. Claytonia.

6. Broccoli.                          12. Arugula.

Herb list for winter gardening

Follow this link for winter gardening indoor success with herbs.

1. Rosemary.                        5. Parsley.

2. Basil.                                 6. Thyme.

3. Mint.                                  7. Oregano.

4. Chives.                               8. Tarragon.

Non-edible plants that will spruce up your winter garden and give that touch of class as you enjoy your winter wonderland. To learn about these plants follow this link winter plant list and enjoy the beauty of these plants.

1. Heathers.                            6. Hellebores.

2. Firethorn.                           7. Snowdrops.

3. Holly.                                  8. Rosebud Cherry.

4. Camellia.                            9. Honeysuckle.

5. Red twig dogwood.          10. Winter jasmine.

How to grow winter garden

The final word

The list of plants seem to be endless as they brighten your winter days with their beauty, charm, and wonderful taste so extend the growing season by following these tips

because before you know it the birds will return with their beautiful singing, bears will awaken from their long nap as the ice melts, butterflies will fill the air once again with their beautiful colors as your trees are dressed once again with  beautiful lush leaves

signifying that winter is over and spring now approaches as we enter yet another wonderful season that is bursting with colors as nature awakens once again.


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2 thoughts on “How To Grow A Winter Garden”

  1. I just bought a raised planter and grew some annuals from seeds this summer for the first time. First time I ever tried to grow anything to be honest, and have enjoyed the new little hobby. Want flowers I could pick at the end of the season, but am now super intrigued with the idea of if I’m able to grow broccoli in it during the winter. Definitely going to read, learn, and look into this further.

  2. Norman, I plan to plant some cabbage, kale and broccoli this winter. You have inspired me to do so – lol. Also, “did you know” that in a way you can eat honeysuckle. Here’s a trick that I did when I was a kid and still do today. You take the honeysuckle flower and gently break the end piece and then gradually pull the stem out. It will pull out the honey from the honeysuckle. It taste great and has a sweet taste. The yellow ones are even sweeter. Try it.



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