How To Grow And Care For Centipede Grass

Centipede Grass Grow Guide

How To Grow And Care For Centipede Grass
Centipede grass

Centipede grass is one of the most popular grasses that’s grown from South Carolina to Florida and along the gulf coast, this warm season turf can be identified by its coarse leaves and apple-green color. Centipede grass gets its name from how the short upright stems grow from the stolons that have the appearance of a centipede.

What I love about Centipede grass is its low maintenance, if you’re looking for a turf that does not require too much maintenance then look no further Centipede grass makes a great choice. For more on the growth and the care of this turf, continue reading.

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How to Grow and Care for Centipede Grass

Sunlight Requirement

Centipede grass is a great lover of full sunlight, this grass will not thrive in partial to full shade. Ensure when installing to locate in an area that gets full sun for optimal growth. The ideal time for grass installation is early summer, May, or June.

The Soil Type

The ideal soil for Centipede grass is sandy soil that’s slightly acidic, Centipede grass will not thrive with a soil pH that’s high. Before grass installation, test the soil with this home pH test kit and make adjustments as needed by adding sulfur. Centipede soil pH should be kept between 4.5 and 6 for the best results.

Water Requirement

Watering your Centipede grass lightly will encourage a shallow root that’s not good for grass health, your Centipede grass should be watered at a depth of 4-6 inches for healthy growth. Signs that your Centipede needs irrigation include grass that’s wilted and faded.

Fertilizing Methods

To keep your Centipede grass growing healthy, apply one pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet annually which is sufficient, this fertilizer application should be applied first during the spring, and second and third application during the summer months.

Weed Control Method

Because Centipede grass grows slowly it’s very important to put in place a weed maintenance program, weeds can grow very quickly taking over and causing grass set back, weeds will compete with turf for sunlight, water, and nutrients. There are herbicides that can be used for weed control just make sure and read the label to ensure that herbicides can be used on Centipede grass. Before applying herbicide read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

How to Mow Centipede Grass

During the growing season, Centipede grass should be mowed every 5-7 days or as needed, cut this turf at a height of 1-2 inches.

Centipede Grass Pests

Watch out for pests such as grubs, crickets, moles,  spittlebugs, webworms, and ground pearls. Treat right away when spotted with pesticides, before applying pesticides read and follow the manufacturer’s label for the best results.

Centipede Grass Disease

Diseases that attack this turf are dollar spot and brown patch. To bring control of dollar spot and brow n patch treat with a fungicide. Before applying fungicide read the manufacture’s directions and follow for the best results.

Centipede Grass Temperature and Humidity

Because Centipede grass is not cold-tolerant a warm climate is needed for grass to thrive, when the grass turns brown in the fall this is normal because of temperature drop. Once the warm season returns Centipede grass will turn green again. The extreme cold that’s extended or repeatedly can cause injuries to turf such as brown patches or dead grass that is seen during the spring months.

How to Plant

Centipede grass can be planted from seed, plugs, or sod, growing Centipede grass from sod is the quickest and least labor involved to start your grass and will also establish more quickly however laying Centipede grass by sod is the most expensive way.

The final word on how to grow and care for centipede grass

The growth and care for centipede grass is that easy, this low-maintenance turf is a great choice because little work is required to keep grass growing healthy. If you’re planning on growing centipede grass or you may be having issues with your existing grass then look no further you have come to the right place as this guide will help you to grow a beautiful healthy grass turf.


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