How To Grow And Care For Golden Thryallis

Tips for Caring for Golden Thryallis

Showers of gold-how- to- grow and- care- for- golden- thryallis
Showers Of Gold

The golden Thryallis, showers of gold or golden showers is an ornamental plant that can really lighten up your garden with its beautiful yellow flowers. I have both worked and seen these plants in many garden projects that looked really amazing as they complimented many garden designs. The shower of gold is a native of Central America and Mexico, this sub-tropical beauty is also a warm-season plant that will do well in your spring garden.

What I love about the shower of gold is how it stands out in a flower bed and is highlighted by the green backdrop of other garden plants. Golden showers look amazing when planted in masses and are also used as a border plant. The golden shower is a perennial plant which means this plant can be grown from season to season showering you continually with flowers of gold that are so dazzling.

How to grow and care for golden Thryallis?

With all that said how can you install these garden beauties to make an impact in your garden and landscapes.

Things to know

  • Location
  • Soil Type
  • Soil Ph
  • Spacing
  • Water Requirements
  • Fertilizing procedures
  • Pruning
  • Garden Insect pest
  • Diseases of golden showers


Because the shower of gold is a sub-tropical plant it requires light so install your golden showers in an area that gets lots of sunlight.

Soil Type

The soil of the golden shower should be well-drained soil, a soil that has good drainage will keep your plant in tip-top shape.

The soil ph

Like other garden plants golden showers soil ph preference is 5.6-7.5

Spacing Golden Showers

Giving your golden showers space to grow is so important for proper air circulation. A spacing of 3-6 feet is adequate, also the golden showers grow to a height of 4-6 feet.

Water requirements of the golden shower

When deciding on the amount of water for your showers of gold it is good to keep the soil moderately moist. Do not overwater because this will lead to disease which will encourage root rot and death of your plant.

Fertilizer requirements

Fertilizing your golden showers three times a year will keep your showers in good health. A liquid feed of slow-release fertilizer will work wonders.

How to prune golden Thryallis?

Pruning is so important to a plants health, pruning has so many benefits, some of these benefits includes pruning can be carried out for controlling a plants growth, helping a plant to maintain its natural form, makes a plant more fuller, an increasing of flower production, to control the spread of disease, etc…

Selective or light pruning can be carried out throughout the growing season, after the season for blooming has passed and you are about to enter the fall and winter months your showers of gold can be pruned back so as spring approaches or during the growing season your plant will produce new fresh growth and amazing flowers.

Garden insect pests of golden Thryallis

Are far as insect pests are concerned showers of gold insect pest is like zero, there may be one or two that doesn’t cause server problems.

Diseases of golden Thryallis

This goes for disease also it is like zero, just avoid overwatering and your plant will be fine.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is pretty amazing and if you prefer, you can grow your showers of gold in containers. The container can be from seven gallon or larger depending on the size of your golden Thryallis. The soil should be a good drain soil and the containers must have drain holes to allow for excess water to drain through. If possible place a catch basin under the containers to collect water and empty containers so as not to encourage mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

What I love about container gardening is that the containers can always be moved around to give the area a different look or during the colder months plants can be moved to a more secure area. If help is need when moving containers, by all means, do so because safety is first and the last thing you don’t want is to injure yourself.

The final word

Shower your world with showers of gold which are so amazing with their brightly colored flowers that can lighten up any garden area. I love showers of gold and would recommend them to the home gardener who wants that tropical look with a garden plant that is so easy to maintain. The golden Thryallis, making its mark as it brings a soft touch with so much flavor.


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