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Kids Growing Indoor Greens

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A great way to get kids to eat their veggies is by not only telling them about the importance of vegetables but by getting them involved in growing their very own indoor salad greens. As your kids watch and care for their veggies will instill in them (children) a sense of pride that they are growing their own food crop with their little hands. This was my experience as a child so I am sure that your kids will be excited as well.

We know that getting kids to eat their veggies can become a challenge but switching role play by letting them take control (growing salad greens) will have them eating out of your hands. If you’re having challenges with your kids eating their veggies then this guide is what you need as your little ones become little farmers.

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Planting Tips

Keep it Exciting: Getting your kids involved in a salad green garden means keeping it exciting and fun, one way to do this is by using containers for example, food containers are safe, recycle milk cartons and plastic containers can be used. The container that’s used should have drain holes for water drainage so punch a few holes at the bottom of the container. Make sure you take care and take part in making the drain holes yourself what you want is to keep it safe by keeping sharp tools out of the reach of children. Now the fun part begins, allow your kids to draw funny faces if possible on the container.

Let your Kids Decide: Let your kids choose which salad green they want to grow, giving them ownership will create inspire them to grow their salad garden.

Planting Salad Greens: Before letting kids plant their salad greens ensure that the work area is covered with newspaper to minimize the amount of dirt that’s made. Use a good potting mix to fill each container. Once your kids have filled each container with the potting mix let them sow their seeds, to know the number of seeds to sow and the proper spacing the instruction can be found on the seed package.

Caring for Salad Greens: Once this is done allow your kids to water each container with a watering can like this one, your kids will love watering their salad greens when the time comes to give their salad greens a drink. To ensure that moisture is retained cover each container with plastic wrap, once the seeds are sown it’s crucial that the soil stay moist to complete the germination process. Once the seeds germinate remove the plastic.

Providing more Sunlight: Now that the seeds have germinated allow your kids to move each planter to a sunny location like a south- or west-facing window where they will receive at least eight hours of direct sunlight. If there isn’t sufficient natural lighting then installing grow lights can work just as well because a lack of lighting or insufficient lighting will cause plants to become leggy meaning fewer leaves will be produced.

Some Examples of Salad Green

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Boston lettuce
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Bok choy
  • Swiss chard
  • Arugula
  • There  are so many types of lettuce, the few that are mentioned are just a few names among many

Harvesting Salad Greens:

To know the due date or harvest date for salad green just read the seed package or check with your plant nurseryman.

Additional infomation

1. Salad greens are some of the easiest veggies to grow indoors, once leafy greens are placed in a sunny location indoors such as a south-facing or west-facing window can reach maturity in about a month.

2. If you must, use an organic fertilizer for your salad greens.

3. Another great way to grow salad green is with the help of these gardens which makes indoor gardening very simple and easy to manage. However and adult should always be present when using these garden types.

The Benefits of Growing Indoor Salad Greens

  • The great part about growing salad greens is extending the season or growing veggies year-round, yes even during the winter months
  • These indoor gardens are manageable
  • And endless supply of food crops at your fingertip
  • Saving money on your grocery bill
  • Having fresh veggies always
  • Pest issues are little or none at all
  • No need to spend countless hours weeding
  • Great for therapy
  • Vegetables will taste so much better
  • Creating an indoor greenspace is great

The final word on how to grow an indoor salad garden

Getting kids to eat their salad greens is a great way to get kids interested in eating their salad greens. Let’s ensure that our kids are growing healthy by including veggies in their diet, this method has proven to work wonders for you and your kids.


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