How To Grow Blue Daze Indoors

Successfully Growing Blue Daze Indoors

How To Grow Blue Daze Indoors-a-blue-daze-flowering-plant
Blue daze flowers

With spring just ahead of us, we can get into our gardens once again working the soil as we work with some of our favorite garden plants not to mention planting those fruit trees or installing a herb or vegetable garden. Springtime is the time of the year when our garden plants are bursting with beautiful colorful flower blooms. This time of the year is greatly anticipated by the weekend warriors as we leave the colder months behind and look forward as the warmer months approaches.

Now is the time to start planning what your spring garden will look like, there are so many plants to choose from with their unique colors, sizes, and shapes. One plant that we will be looking at however is how to grow blue daze indoors, these garden beauties can really brighten your blue days with their display of flowers, we will also be sharing with you other ways to grow and maintain blue daze. If you want to know more about this spring and summer beauty then continue reading as we take a close look at how to grow blue daze indoors.

How to Grow Blue Daze Indoors

When choosing a container the container should be large enough to accommodate your blue daze. The container should also have drain holes to allow excess water to find a way of escape once you have watered your plant.

Blue daze is a hardy perennial that can thrive in about any soil type providing that the soil has good drainage. However, when growing from a container good garden soil will help your blue daze to absorb the right amount of water but will allow excess water to drain through.

Place your blue daze near a south or west-facing window because these areas get the most sunlight light, the soil of your indoor blue daze should be somewhat moist and not waterlogged. Waterlogged or saturated soils will encourage root rot, fertilize your blue daze with a fertilizer that encourages flower bloom such as a bloom booster. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

When installing blue daze in hanging baskets ensure that the hanging baskets have drain holes.

The use of good garden soil that has good drainage will work wonders. Once your blue daze is installed give sufficient water, water until it begins to drain from drain holes once the water stops draining mount your hanging basket from your porch or other structure where it is visible to be enjoyed.

Blue Daze Plant Pests

Garden plant pests can be a big deal if action is not taken immediately but what I love about the blue daze flowering plant and what makes these garden beauties a must-have is they don’t have any serious pest issues making this plant a winner.

Blue Daze Disease Issues

1. Because of the rainy season blue daze will have fungal issues because of constant moisture, poorly drained soil also encourages fungal issues but because you’re growing your blue daze in an indoor environment or a controlled environment you should not have any problems. The issue when growing blue daze indoors is to ensure that the soil is well-drained. Poorly drained soil can lead to root rot.

2. Ensure that your blue daze has proper spacing because if planted too close together will encourage poor air circulation that will also lead to fungal issues.

Pruning Your Blue Daze

Pruning your blue daze will control the height and the outgrowth, a hand pruner that’s sharp, clean, or sterilized is a great tool to have, prune your blue daze plants to the desired shape and size. Pruning will also encourage a fuller plant with more flower blooms.

Additional Blue Daze Information

  • Blue daze produces flowers 10 months out of the year, in warmer climates however blue daze can give longer bloom periods
  • Blue daze is self-cleaning meaning spent or faded flowers will fall from the plant

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The final word on how to grow blue daze indoors

Having the blue daze flowering plant as a part of your outdoor as well as your indoor gardening design will work wonders, following these steps will give good success. I believe that because of the ease of care, the blue daze flowering plant is a must-have. Try it for yourself and see why so many homeowners are making this flowering beauty a part of their landscape and garden design. Remember the blue daze flowering plant will brighten your blue days with its beautiful flower blooms.


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