How To Grow Coco Plum From Cuttings

Coco Plum Propagation Guide

How To Grow Coco Plums From Cuttings-coco-plums
Coco plums

Coco plums are also called lcaco, (species Chrysobalanus icaco) in the family Chrysobalanaceae, zones 10-11 are ideal for this evergreen to thrive. This perennial is native to tropical America and Africa, coco plums have leaves that are somewhat roundish, green, and shiny producing abundances of berries that are dark purple when ripe.

Besides being grown for their delicious berries coco plums are moderately salt-tolerant and can be planted in coastal areas and inland being grown as a hedge and reaching a height of 15 feet with the same in width. These edible plants are not only a favorite of humans but wildlife such as jays, cardinals, red-bellied woodpeckers, grackles many other bird species, deer, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, black bears, opossums, and squirrels. In this article, we will be discussing how to grow coco plum from cuttings.

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Tools you will need

Coco Plum Propagation Method

1. Ensure that each pot has holes for water drainage

2. Prepare the pot/pots by adding sand and moistening millet peat.

3. With a sharp knife or hand pruner that has been sterilized take cuttings that are 4-6 inches long.

4. Remove the leaves from the bottom inch or two of the stems.

5. The end that was cut dip in water to moisten, follow by dipping that seam end in root hormone if it is the powder form.

6. With your finger or a pen, or pencil make a hole in the soil and insert that part of the cutting that has the rooting hormone.

7. With your finger gently firm the soil around the cutting followed by adding water. Be careful however not to overwater, the soil should be damp, not water-saturated.

8. Place your cuttings in an area that gets bright indirect sunlight.

9. The cuttings may take up to 2 months or more before producing roots, signs that your cuttings have taken roots are new growth or a slight resistance when the stem is gently pulled or tugged.

10. Once your coco plum cutting has taken roots plant in a sunny location with quality garden soil that drains well.

Where to Install Coco Plums

  • Coco plums can be grown as a hedge
  • As a backdrop
  • Can be planted around plants such as palms
  • Coco plums look great growing alongside a wall, fence, driveway, or walkway
  • Looks great planted alongside a porch, pool, or deck
  • Accent in a plant bed
  • Can be used to screen or hide A/C and other equipment.

The final word on growing coco plums from cuttings

This method of growing coco plums will have your garden populated with these garden beauties, the presence of coco plums gives the best of both worlds a plant that can be grown for its edible fruits along with growing for aesthetics. Coco plums are filled with vitamins which is another win-win. You can’t lose so go for it, you will be so happy with the results.



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  1. Coco Plums are delightful edible plants. And also versatile. I liked your instructions on how to propagate them from cuttings. Where would be the best place to get cuttings? 

    I have never eaten Coco Plums before. After reading your article, I definitely want to change that situation. Besides growing this plant, where can this fruit be purchased to try it out for taste?

    Thanks for sharing information on a plant that does so much good. 


    • Coco Plums are pretty amazing and can be used for many purposes, you can check your plant nursery. Your plant nursery should carry them, hope this helps and I am so happy to help.


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