How To Grow Duranta From Seeds

Duranta Seed Growing Guide

How To Grow Duranta From Seeds-golden-duranta-plant
Golden duranta plant

The duranta ereta is a species of flowering shrub in the verbena family Verbenaceae, this tropical broadleaf evergreen plant is also widely known as golden dewdrop. Durantas are native to the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, this garden beauty can be cultivated as an ornamental plant or as a hedge.

At maturity, durantas can grow to a height 2-4 ft tall with a spread of 1-2 ft wide, if your desire is to attract wildlife to your garden then the golden duranta is the plant of choice. The berries will attract birds while butterflies and bees find the flowers of the golden hard to resist but as irresistible as they are to wildlife the leaves and the berries are toxic to dogs, cats, and horses. It is said that ingestion of these plant parts can cause death due to kidney failure. If you growing durantas in your garden or making plans to ensure these evergreens are kept from animals and children. Below however we will be discussing how to grow durantas from seeds.

Soaking duranta seeds

Before planting duranta seeds it’s best to soak the seeds for 10 minutes in warm water, this process will cause the seeds to soften along with encouraging germination.

Containers for duranta

When growing duranta from seeds it’s best to start seeds in containers, the containers chosen can be 1-gallon size plastic containers with drain holes for water drainage.

Duranta potting mix

Before adding potting mix cover the container drain holes with a coffee filter, the coffee filter will help with water drainage along with keeping the soil from escaping through the drain holes. Fill the containers with quality potting soil that can be purchased from your plant nursery or garden center. Once the soil is added leave about 1/2 rim of the container free of soil, if the container is filled to the rim with soil the soil and the seeds can wash away.

How To Grow Duranta From Seeds-golden-duranta-flowers
Golden duranta flowers

The duranta seeds should be planted at a depth of 2 inches, the seed should be planted in the center of the container. The seed can be placed or pressed into the soil with your finger.

Duranta watering method

Water the soil thoroughly until it runs out of the drain holes, the soil should be moist at all times and not waterlogged. Allow the soil to dry out between watering before watering thoroughly again. The soil moisture level can be checked by sticking your finger into the top few inches of soil, the soil can be checked every other day.

Duranta fertilizing method

A balanced fertilizer that’s slow-release can be used, apply fertilizer 0nce every three months, before fertilizing read and follow the manufactures direction.

Duranta planting location-outdoors/indoors

The container should be placed in an area that gets the full sunlight, if starting seeds indoors the container can be placed in an area that gets bright sunlight.

Duranta seed germination time

Duranta seeds will germinate in about 1 month’s time, in some cases, seeds may take up to 3 months. After the first year, duranta can be transplanted in its permeate location (garden/large container).

The final word on growing duranta from seeds

Growing durantas from seeds is that simple, this tropical beauty will bring that wow to your garden and landscape with their brilliant color. Duranta is so popular among homeowners and can be seen gracing the many commercial properties. I love the flavor that these plants bring, I have worked with duranta on many garden projects and have seen what they can do so get the taste of the tropics and watch as these garden beauties go to work for you.


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