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Ginger plant-how-to-grow-ginger

Growing the ginger plant

The ginger root is very effective in fighting many body ailments. This root has been around for thousands of years, the ancients discovered it’s healing powers and took full advantage of it for centuries.

Ginger can be found in many products such as sodas, bread, cakes, candies, cooking recipes teas, medications and so on.

But what process does it takes to produce such a potent plant that has proven to be so beneficial over the years and is still going strong?

For more on ginger facts and it benefits follow this link. Ginger root facts and benefits.

Planting and caring for the ginger plant

Here are some steps that have proven to be successful in growing the ginger plant. Ginger roots or the rhizomes can be purchased from your nursery, garden center, supermarket or you may know of someone that is growing this plant which can give you a few roots.

The best time to grow ginger is the second week in April to the First week of May.

1. In my opinion, it is best to start gingers in a container. A 7 gallon or 15 gallons container will do.

2. Using compost or organic soil is ideal.

3. Fill the pot leaving about a foot to a foot and a half space from the top. This amount of space will allow for proper watering of your plant.

4. Plant pot should have 4-6 holes at the bottom for proper drainage. Also, place your Gingers in an area that gets about 6 hours of sunlight.

5. When getting set to plant gingers divide the rhizomes into pieces with a sharp knife. Be very careful not to cut your hands. The part of the ginger that looks sort of round or pointed is where the new growth will start to divide into equal parts being very careful again not to cut into this area.

Ginger herb-how-to-grow-ginger

Ginger Herb

6. Allow gingers to soak in water for 2 hours.

7. Now you can move on to burying each piece with the pointed part in the upright position. Each piece can be planted about 6 inches apart.

8. Water the roots, giving it a good soaking.

9. In about 2 weeks to a month, you should see signs of new growth.

10. keep the soil well watered not waterlogged.

11. several more weeks and your ginger plant will be well on its way. It is also good at this point to fertilize your plant with a slow release or organic fertilizer. Read and follow the label because the label is law.

12. In about 5-6 months your Gingers will be ready to harvest.

Harvesting fresh ginger

1. When harvesting fresh ginger, with a garden trowel or hand spade, dig around soil until the ginger root is exposed completely.

2. Remove the exposed ginger from soil and with a hand pruner, remove leaves also.

3. Next, divide the gingers into pieces.

4. Wash thoroughly with water, preferably warm water.

5. You’re all set to enjoy your very own homegrown fresh ginger  root

Final word

Following these simple steps will cause you to have good success when growing your ginger. So give it a try, nothing like delighting in fresh ginger that the ancients found to be so beneficial.


  1. Yulia says:

    Never even knew how ginger looks like when growing, I know about the many benefits of consuming it and now I know how to grow it too! I like that you put a lot of step by step information easy to follow and to understand the process of how to grow ginger I may try it in my moms garden. thank you!

    1. Norman says:

      Hello Yulia so nice to meet you, gingers are pretty amazing and I just love them. I am so happy that I could help, all the best to you and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  2. Don says:

    Thanks so much for this information on growing ginger. I have purchased a variety of ginger from a lady. I had often wondered if I could grow this root. Now, I look very much forward to growing it. I would like to try a variety of types. Good info and thanks for the tips.

    All the best to you,

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