How To Grow Lettuce

How to Grow Lettuce the Right Way

Green and purple lettuce growing on farm-how-to-grow-lettuce
Green and Purple Lettuce

The lettuce veggie is very popular and is used worldwide in so many cultures. This vegetable is mostly used in salads and on sandwiches. Many of these sandwiches include chicken, roast beef, turkey, tuna, and hamburger sandwiches just to name a few.

Some salads that include lettuce are Garden, herb, toss, and champagne greens salads, etc… But what journey do lettuce take before they reach our kitchen and dinner tables?

Varieties of lettuce

Before we look at how lettuce is grown, here are some lettuce varieties

1. Iceberg lettuce.                                                     5. French crisp.

2. Romaine lettuce.

3. butterhead.

4. Loose leaf.

Growing lettuce

Green lettuce in garden-how-to-grow-lettuce
Growing green lettuce

While lettuce may differ in its variety and the way they are grown, there are some basics in growing these veggies.

1. Fill seed trays with compost.

2. Water compost so it can settle and also become moist.

3. Lettuce seeds are very tiny so be careful not to lose any, add 3 seeds to each planting and try spreading them evenly apart.

4. Cover seeds by adding more compost.

5. Press seeds about half-inch to an inch into the soil.

6. In a couple of weeks, seeds will germinate and be ready for transplanting.

7. Use organic-rich soil and cultivate the planting area by turning the soil with a spade shovel.

8. Plant lettuce in rows about 10-12 inches apart.

9. Keeping the soil moist, and allowing the soil to dry out can affect the growth and health of lettuce.

10. You should have a healthy crop of lettuce in about a month which will be ready to harvest.

11. When harvesting lettuce, use a sharp knife be very careful not to cut your hand or finger, cut lettuce from the base.

Now you have freshly cut lettuce grown from your garden with your very own hands. In fact, while I am writing this article I am watching my wife prepare dinner and also cutting up some lettuce to make that scrumptious salad.

Health benefits of lettuce

1. Aids in weight loss.                                                  11. Control anxiety.

2. Lettuce also detoxes the body.                              12. Helps Insomnia.

3. Promote heart health.                                             13. Promotes kidney health.

4. Gives healthy skin.                                                  14. Fights inflammation.

5. Helps to strengthen bones.                                    15. Antimicrobial properties.

6. Aids in fighting cancer.

7. Hydrates the body.

8. Aids in good bowel movement.

9. Improves hair growth.

10. Helps to improve sleep.

Vitamins that are included are

Vitamin A, Vitamin, B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Dietary fiber, Omega Fatty -acids, Biotin, Calcium, Magnesium, Pantothenic acid, Thiamin

The final word

This veggie makes a great choice, so make them a part of your daily intake and get on the road to good health. You will be glad that you did as you reap the benefits of all this veggie has to offer.


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  1. Lettuce is one of my favorite vegetables and I eat it with a lot of meals. I even put it on sandwiches for my lunches at work. I like Romain lettuce, but my absolute favorite has to be iceberg. I don’t know whether it’s because of its crunchiness or maybe the fact that it has a little more taste. Perhaps it’s a bit of both lol.

    I’ve never really considered growing my own lettuce, but because my uncle now owns an allotment for growing all sorts of vegetables, I’m going to ask him for a small patch of land for growing my own lettuce.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Norman!


  2. Hi Norman, I like lettuce but I did know that it has so many vitamins and benefits. I like the idea of growing it. Can I grow it on my garden or I need bigger space as the image of this post?


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