How To Grow Organic Herbs

Growing Organic Herbs from Your Backyard Garden

How To Grow Organic Herbs-growing-herbs
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Growing herbs from your backyard garden provide flavors that will enhance your favorite dishes providing freshness at your fingertips that’s a cutaway as you take a stroll in your backyard.

Besides enhancing the flavors of your foods garden herbs can also provide the needed nutrients along with its healing properties that make growing herbs a must and you can also save on your grocery bill. Yes, growing herbs from your backyard garden have all these benefits that make growing herbs a winner.

Growing herbs the Healthy Way

While herbs are grown for their flavors and health benefits what you want is not to take away from the latter but grow herbs in such ways to increase how (healthy) they are grown. Chemically grown herbs, as well as other crops and food products, have taken a negative effect on the health of so many people but growing organically from your backyard will ensure that both you and your family are getting the best of the best which only makes sense.

The location

The first step in the right direction is to locate the area to install your organic herb garden, an area that gets 5-6 hours of sunlight is ideal to have success.

The soil

Garden soil does matter and is at the root of having success when growing herbs, before you set out on your quest to grow herbs ensure that the soil is tested and amended with such materials as compost or other organic materials.

This method of taking care of your soil first will ensure that you reap a good harvest for the time and money that you invested.

Seeds vs Seedlings

When it comes to planting seeds or seedlings don’t be confused over this, the difference with installing seedlings is that you will get a head start.

Planting depth

When growing herbs from seeds or seedlings install at the right planting depth while giving the proper spacing. A good source of information is to read the seed package in the case of seeds but with the seedlings, your nurseryman can help you by providing information with proper planting depth and spacing.

A word of caution here when purchasing your seed or seedlings ensure that you go with a reputable company that sells quality stocks.

Watering Methods

When watering your herbs ensure the soil is somewhat moist at all times and not waterlogged because overwatering will lead to root rot.

Fertilizing your organic herbs

Remember you’re growing an organic herb garden so because of this avoid using synthetics or man-made fertilizer at all costs. The use of compost, organic fertilizers, or any other organic material is a must to achieve your goal of growing organic.

Herb disease

One of the main causes that encourage plant disease is overwatering, to avoid plant disease ensure that the soil is not saturated or waterlogged, look for signs of wilting and yellowing of the leaves. Be mindful, however, a lack of water can also show up as the seem symptoms so check the soil first before you make that determination.

Garden insect pests

Garden insect pests can become a real issue if not brought under control because you’re growing an organic garden the use of organic pesticides should be used only. Besides purchasing organic pesticides you can also try these home-made remedies.

Growing herbs indoors

Bring herbs to your fingertips by growing indoors this method is made possible by following the above methods as you grow in containers from your kitchen counter. If this area doesn’t have sufficient sunlight grow lights can always be installed

This is an amazing way of growing herbs from your kitchen counter as you prepare your favorite dishes. When growing herbs from containers ensure there are sufficient holes for water drainage and a saucer to collect the water. For more on growing herbs continue to the category section.

Popular herbs that are grown in home gardens

How To Grow Organic Herbs-thyme

Here are a few herbs that are popular in the home garden.

  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Chives
  • Thyme
  • Oregano
  • Mint
  • Basils
  • Cilantro

The final word on how to grow organic herbs

Growing and harvesting your very own organic herbs from your backyard garden gives such a great feeling. This method of growing herbs is a great way both to grow and eat healthy. Keep your favorite recipes flavored with gardens herbs as you continue to eat fresh from your home garden.


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