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Growing flower cuttings plain and simple

Growing flowers from cuttings is a great way to save a few $$$$ while increasing the number of plants in your garden. Oh the joy of watching those cuttings grow, blossom and flowers are pretty amazing.

But what are the steps that are in involved in this whole process? The process of growing flowers from cuttings is plain and simple all it takes is knowing how and

the good news is that you have come to the right place. So stick around and follow these steps and you will be on your way to gardening success. Let’s get started. For more on cut flowers follow these links Top 10 cut flowers, persevering cut flowers with vinegar and sugar and how to preserve cut flowers.

Simple steps for growing flowers from cuttings

1. Choose which plant or plants you want cuttings from.

2. Before you take cuttings, the plant should be well watered, a cutting that is removed from the plant that is water stress may take longer to catch or may possibly die.

3. Also, check to see if the plant is disease or is being attacked by insects, avoid these cuttings at all cost.

4. The flower cuttings should be mature and healthy looking.

5. Using a sharp pruner make a clean cut.

6. Remove most or all of the leaves from cuttings because leaves that are allowed to remain will cause the cuttings to use more energy. When this happens the flower cuttings will have a harder time rooting.

7. The growing medium in which you grow your cuttings can be good garden soil with a mixture of salt-free sand or an organic soil mix is also good.

8. The pot size to start your cuttings can range from 6 inches to l gallon.

9. Soaking the part to be planted and then inserting into the soil is great or for better results using a root tone that can be purchased from your garden nursery or garden center will really help.

The key here is the part of the cutting that is being inserted in the soil should be wet first with water then dipped in the root tone and inserted into the soil gently firm soil around cuttings. Root tone help in the development of roots. It is a growth hormone.

10. Keep soil moist this is very crucial because the constant moisture will help roots to develop.

11. Keep plants in a partially shaded area out of the full sunlight because the full sun will cause your cuttings to use more moisture.

12. In a matter of a few short weeks, you will see small leaves growing indicating that your plants are well on their way.

Final word

Using flower cuttings is a great way to increase the number of plants in your garden without having to spend so much $$$$. These steps are so just simple and will ensure that you have garden success. So give it a try and watch as your cuttings grow.

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