How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors

Simple Methods to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors-tomatoes-growing-on-a-vine
Tomatoes growing on a vine

Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to extend the season while eating fresh and healthy, while it’s good to utilize outdoor living space we can take advantage of our indoor living space as well, especially for those of you who may not have the space (outdoor gardens). Growing tomatoes indoors is a great way to have these delicious edibles at your fingertips. If you would like to know how to have success on how to grow tomatoes indoors then continue reading and see for yourself how simple this process is.

 Proper Lighting

To start with make sure that the location that’s chosen has the right lighting, tomatoes love warmth and lots of sunlight to grow healthy. 6-8 hours of sunlight is required for your tomatoes to thrive, if sufficient lighting is not available from outdoors (sunlight) then consider installing grow lights.

Grow lights are artificial lighting that can be installed indoors to make up either for insufficient lighting or no lighting at all, these artificial lights can be purchased from your garden center or hardware store. Grow lights can be installed above tomato seedlings about 1-2 inches, once your grow light is in place along with your tomato seedlings rotate the pot every other day until the seedlings start to flower and set fruit. The reason for pot rotation is to prevent the stems from becoming flimsy and leggy.

Tomato Conatiner Size

When deciding on the container or the pot size for your tomato choose a container that is 1 foot in diameter and in-depth, a very important point to remember is if you’re planting tomatoes from seedlings install them in the pot slightly deeper than they were in the seedling container.

The reason for this is so that a part of the stem is buried, the container that’s chosen should be large, the bigger the container the better because tomatoes don’t like their roots to be disturbed especially during transplanting operation procedures, that’s why again it’s important to choose a large container from the start that will accommodate your tomato plant at maturity.

The Soil Type

Because tomatoes don’t like wet feet choosing the right potting mix from the start is so important, the potting mixture should be a sterile mix that has good drainage. Your garden center or plant nursery should carry these types of potting mixes.

Tomato Watering Methods

Tomatoes require lots of water to grow healthy, however, too much water can lead to root rot, check the top first few inches of soil to test for soil dryness or moisture. The soil should be kept slightly moist but not waterlogged which can lead to fungal issues, once the soil is kept evenly moist will help to safeguard tomatoes from blossom rot and prevent tomatoes from splitting.

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors-tomato-seedlings
Tomato seedlings

Tomato fertilizing Methods

Tomatoes are known to be heavy feeders, and organic-slow release fertilizer is ideal to supply your tomato plant with the needed nutrients. Potted tomatoes need a bit more feeding than tomatoes that are grown in the ground outdoors. Before applying fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label for the best results.


Tomatoes don’t need insects for pollination therefore tomatoes are known as self-pollinators, but to ensure that your indoor potted tomatoes go through pollination place a small oscillating fan nearby to act as a source of wind or gently shake the stems every day or so when your tomato plant is in full bloom. Touch each blossom with a cotton swab to move pollen from one bloom to the next.

Air Circulation

The strong draft and the extreme temperatures from heating and cooling vents can negatively impact your tomatoes so ensure that your tomato plants are in a safe place away from these areas. If there is high humidity this may encourage fungal issues, the use of a fan or dehumidifier will help to keep the indoor cool as it circulates.

Tomato Indoor Plant Pests

Keeping an eye out for indoor tomato plant pests is so important, these pests include aphids, whiteflies, and spider mites. Trying spraying water to bring control. Other control methods include insecticidal soap or horticultural oils, a word here, only use insecticides that are labeled for edible plants. Before applying insecticides read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results.

Temperature and Humidity

Although humidity may not be an issue, if indoor air becomes too dry then running a fan or dehumidifier will offer much help as discussed previously. The temperature should be around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Tomatoes to Grow Indoors

There are different species of tomatoes can be grown indoors here are the best ones to grow in your indoor living space.

  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Plum Tomatoes

The final word on how to grow tomatoes indoors

Connecting with nature indoors by growing tomatoes is a great way to extend the season, the process by which tomatoes are grown indoors is not hard at all. Follow these simple steps for success, now it’s your turn to join the many that are having much success by growing tomatoes this way. You will be happy that you did as you grow healthy tomatoes to reap a good harvest.


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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable and detailed post about how to grow tomatoes indoors. I really like to cultivate. I am currently growing it in my garden. I have even grown tomatoes. But I haven’t grown anything indoors yet. But I think try it indoors too. I will definitely try as you said. I hope it will be alright. Keep posting like this.

    • You are welcome,growing tomatoes inside is possible, just follow this guide and you will have much success with growing tomatoes indoors.


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