How To Increase Your Shower Water Pressure

How to Increase Low Shower Pressure

How To Increase Your Shower Pressure-a-shower-head
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A good working shower is so soothing after a long day but in some cases our shower may lose the amount of pressure that it had, leaving many people wondering what they should do or how to solve this issue that is all too common. There are many reasons why this happens which we will be looking at, the good news is whatever the problem, can be fixed and you can DIY it yourself. If you are having these issues then continue reading as w take a closer at how to increase your shower water pressure.

8 Tips to Increase Your Shower’s Water Pressure

1. Check Your Water Shut-Off Valve

One reason that your shower pressure may be low could be that your water shut-off valve may not be completely open, it could be that some plumbing work may have been done and on completion, the shut-off valve was not fully opened up but not enough why you may be losing water pressure.

2. Try Cleaning your Shower Head

A common reason why your shower may be losing water pressure is the shower’s head may be clogged, remove the shower head if possible and clean the inside by scrubbing with a dish brush or toothbrush. However if the shower head can’t be removed then take a plastic bag and fill it with white vinegar, now place the shower head in the bag and tie the plastic back around the shower’s neck with a rubber band. The white vinegar will break down particles in the shower’s head causing the particles to become soft making particles easy to remove. Once this is done remove the bag and run your shower to see if the water pressure has returned.

3. Removal of the Water Restrictor

The removal of the water restrictor commonly called flow restrictor can cause the water pressure to return as well, the water restrictor is designed to reduce the water flow in a shower head to 2.5 gallons per minute. The removal of the restrictor may also clear out mineral build-up around the restrictor, however, and this is very important to note. The removal of the restrictor may increase your water bill, the key, if you find yourself in this position, is to take shorter showers so as not to increase your water bill.

4. Replacing your Shower Hose

Your shower’s hose may be the culprit why your shower is losing water pressure, inspect your hose if you discover a leak or a dent action should be taken to correct this. If dents are found remove them by straightening the hose, if the hose has a leak then replace it. There are some shower hoses that are made of plastic which is better protected against leaks and dents. However pulling these hoses at the wrong angle will cause the hose to fold, if this is the case then ensure that the fold is removed.

5. Installing a Power Shower

Installing a power shower is another option, a power shower utilizes both cold and hot water to feed the shower. With this option, however, a lot of water needs to be in the tank. A pump is installed inside the box on the wall to boost the water pressure. This method however can be pretty costly.

6. Appliances in the Home

Appliances in the home such as a dishwasher, and a washing machine along with watering your garden plants all at once can also contribute to decreasing water pressure.

7. Installing a New Pump

The problem may lay in the shower pump, the shower pump may need to change because a shower pump is used to increase the shower water pressure.

8. Call in the professional

There may be other issues that may be involved that may need the help of a professional so if you need help then by all means let a professional do the job for you.

The final word on how to increase your water shower pressure

A shower head that losses water pressure can be fixed, it’s all a matter of following this guide to restore your shower water pressure, so if you are having issues with your shower head then following these tips will have your shower water pressure in tip-top shape.


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