How to Keep Birds from Eating Grass Seed

Growing a Beautiful Lawn from Grass Seeds

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A Robin standing in the grass

In order to grow a lawn that is thriving especially when growing from grass seeds, we should do all that we can to protect seeds from birds that will seek to make a meal out of our grass seeded area.

Growing a lawn using this method may call for a bit more but to ensure grass seeds germinate giving us the lawn we envision it is crucial that we take the necessary steps to have success.

I can understand the frustration of many homeowners seeking to grow a beautiful lawn from seeds but having the awesome responsibility of keeping birds away which can be a daunting task.

If you have tried on a few occasions to grow a lawn from seeds but have given up because of having challenges (bird problem) you have come to the right place to resolve this issue and grow the lawn that you always wanted with much success.

How to keep birds from eating your grass seeds

12 ways to keep birds from eating grass seeds

1. Scarecrow

This method is an old favorite of mine probably why it’s the first on the list. The method of using scarecrows have been around for so many years and the reason for this is that it works.

You can make your very own scarecrow from materials that can be found around your home or maybe check your garden center to see what they have to offer. However, birds are smart and if birds come back day after day and find that the scarecrow is no threat they will ignore the scarecrow’s presence being cautions however as they feed on grass seeds. Move the scarecrow around the seeded area every few days so birds can be tricked into believing that the scarecrow is alive.

2. A bird feeder

Distract birds from your lawn area by providing them with a bird feeder place in another part of your yard that way your grass seeds will have time to germinate.

After your grass seeds have germinated and are growing healthy you can continue or discontinue feeding birds. But it’s great to keep feeding them because by doing so you will be providing a food source for them which I think is great besides watching them interact.

3. Bury the seeds

Another method to try is to cover the seeds with sufficient soil once the seed is down. By doing this will hid the seeds from the bird’s view, watering the seeds will not only help in the germination process but the moisture will help the seed to stick to the soil.

However, be very careful when applying water because what you don’t want is to apply the water in such a way that the soil is washed away exposing the seeds. The water should flow like a gentle shower as you water the soil and the seeds.

4. Mulch

The use of weed-free mulch can also be effective in discouraging birds from eating your grass seeds. Covering the soil with about 3/4 of weed-free mulch will work wonders.

The type of mulch that should be used is straw which is light, other benefits of using straws are, straws will help to suppress weeds along with holding moisture for your grass seeds. Once the grass seeds have germinated, with a rake gently remove the mulch.

5. Decoys

Using decoys is a great way to keep birds at bay. Decoys such as a rubber snake laying on the soil surface a fake hawk or owl will sure give birds a scare. But remember as we said earlier when using the scarecrow methods.

If birds notice that these decoys remain in the seem spot they may catch on so move the decoy around in the garden every few days so they would be tricked into thinking that these decoys are alive.

How To Keep Birds From Eating Grass Seeds-a-black-crow
A Black Crow

6. Netting material

Cover the seeded area with netting, this will keep birds from eating the seeds. Ensure that each side of the netting is pinned down along with using stakes of wood to prop up the from the ground. Netting material is a win-win because this material will allow sunlight and water to get the seeds while protecting them.

7. Burlap sheets

Burlap is an organic material that will help to protect your grass seeds from the clutches or should I say from the claws of birds. Burlap will allow moisture, light, and heat to reach your grass seeds which will promote germination.

Pin the four corners of the burlap with pins or the use of rocks place at the ends will help to keep the burlap in place. Once the grass seeds have germinated you can proceed to remove the burlap.

8. Motion dictator sprinklers

These devices work only when motion is dictated, when the birds begin to move about in the seeded area the sprinkler will come on giving birds a scare and a cold shower which will discourage them from this area. The advantage of these sprinkler types is that birds will be helping to water your grass seeds and don’t even know it.

9. Making noise

Placing chimes in the seeded area will sure give birds a scare while making a sound that is pleasant to your ears.

10. Mylar tape

Metallic Mylar tape will keep birds at bay, this tape works by moving in the wind, the sunlight causes this tape to sparkle, flash and creates a noise when it moves that will scare birds away.

11. Pinwheels

The use of pinwheels is a great way to keep birds at bay especially if the pinwheel makes noise. The pinwheel spinning along with some noise will cause birds to stay clear of your grass seeded area.

12. Planting extra seeds

Planting extra seeds is a great way to ensure that your seeds will germinate. This method will compensate for seeds that may be blown away, rot before they germinate, or become breakfast and lunch for birds. The extra seeds will go the extra mile ensuring you have success with a lawn that’s growing full and healthy.

The final word on how to keep birds from eating your grass seeds

It is natural for birds to seek out a food source even if that means inviting themselves into our gardens for a meal. But the good news is that you can win the war and have the lawn that you always wanted from growing from grass seeds. It’s all a matter of putting one or more of these methods in place to have success. With that said let’s get started on our dream lawn by seeding along with applying these proven methods.


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