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Cats Our Furry Friends

Cats are loved and adored by so many people because of how cute and cuddly they are but as adorable as they may be there are some challenges they bring at times because of their curiosity and playfulness.

I remembered a few years ago my son owned a cat, and I watched on many occasions when he would have fun playing with his cat but at times his cat would get into mischief

like scratching the furniture, try to scratch us and there was a time when my son’s cat was playing with a big snake as both my wife, my self along with the neighbors watched with such amazement

and what made matters worse was that he was catching the snake and letting it go playing with it like a toy and then he did the unthinkable and that was trying to bring it into our home.

In great fear, my wife slammed the door before he got inside with the snake dangling in his mouth.

Also, there are those who faced the challenge of having their beautiful garden become a playground for cats as they scratch and dig in the soil trying to catch lizards and other wildlife along with playing tug of war with our plants.

This scratching, digging and playing tug of war can really cause injury to our plants as leaves sometimes whole plants are destroyed along with roots being exposed and detached from soil causing plants to suffer.

Now you are faced with the decision, either the cat has to go or throw in the towel an give up your beloved garden. But all is not lost, with these tips and tricks you can keep cats out of your garden as you enjoyed the oasis that you have created.

How to keep cats out of your garden

Tips and tricks

1. As we all know or at least I think we do, cats hate water so by installing sprinklers with motion sensors will help.

2. Install plants such as geranium, thorny roses, lavender, lemon thyme and so on will do the trick.

3. Lay chicken wires on plant bed.

4. Cat repellents devices such as ultrasonic devices let off a sound that cats hate and will send them running.

5. Cat hates uncomfortable surfaces. Installing mulches will give them an uncomfortable feeling and will keep them out.

6. Cat proof fencing.

7. Use citrus sprays around garden areas.

8. Use prickly plants as boundaries.

9. Cat repellent powders.

10. Cover the soil with pinecones.

 Other ways to keep cat out of garden

Other tips and tricks to keep cats out of your garden

1. Placing a sandbox where you want them to go.

2. Installing catnip and spider plants in another area to direct their attention can help.

3. Keep your surroundings clean of trash and rubbish to discourage rats and mice that will, in turn, get the attention of your cat who will eventually end up in your garden by looking for them.

4. Remember twetty bird and Sylvester the cat in the cartoon series. Well wherever twetty bird was you would always find Sylvester trying to catch and eat him

Use this tip to your advantage, place your bird feeder in an area that your cat can’t get to. This will attract them in this area also ensuring the safety of birds.

Final word

Having cats as pets is really awesome, so in order to enjoy your time with them provide these tips and tricks for ensuring you how to keep cats out of your garden as you have garden success.

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