How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House

Steps to Control House Flies

How To Keep Flies Out Of Your House-house-flies
House flies

House Flies are at the top of the list when spreading disease, It’s believed that house flies are responsible for transmitting more than 60 disease some of which includes leprosy, yaws, tuberculosis, tularemia, typhoid fever, cholera, poliomyelitis, dysentery, Escherichia coli, etc… house flies measures 6 to 7 mm. The female is usually larger than the male.

House flies can live up to 3 months the female can produce up to 100-150 eggs, and within 48 hours these eggs hatch into smooth legless maggots larvae. Within 3 moults these legless maggots mature into pupae and after 3-4 weeks they enter adulthood.

The origin of house flies is believed to have originated in central Asia, it’s common to find house flies on ranches, feces,  poultry farms, garbage, decaying matter, human foods, etc…

How do House Flies Spread Diseases

House flies spread disease by coming in contact with garbage, feces, etc… once the contact is made they pick up germs transmitting these germs to foods that we consume by sitting on them. House flies transmit fungi, viruses, protozoa, bacteria, etc… Below we will be discussing effective ways to keep house flies out of your house.

How to Keep Flies Out of Your House

Ensure that your screens are in Good Repair: If your home has window screens then what you want is to make sure that the screens are in good repair because house flies can find entry points through damaged screens and into your house.

Doorways: Open doors are also an entry for flies, some homes have home screens installed to prevent flies, mosquitoes, and roaches from entering your home. If you have a fly issue why not consider installing screen doors, some doors that are made with stronger metal materials have the ability to keep out rodents like rats.

Cat litter box: Make sure and clean feces from the cat litter box as quickly as possible.

Rat Poison: Be careful when using rat poison because flies will be attracted by the scent of a dead rat that’s decaying.

House Lights: If possible turn off outdoor lights at nighttime, this one is not a must because outside lights that are on at night aids as security measures. However, house flies are attracted to outside lights that are on at nighttime.

How To Keep Flies Out Of YOur House-a-house-fly
A house fly

Clean Dishes: Don’t leave dirty dishes on the counter.

Clean Kitchen Counters: Don’t leave food particles on the countertops or tables ensure they are clean.

Clean Stovetop: Ensure that your stovetop is clean of grease and food particles.

Clean The Floor: Ensure that food particles and Grease are swept and mopped up from the floor.

Proper Garbage Storage: Garbage storage areas that are unproperly kept will encourage flies, ensure that your garbage cans have covers to seal in the garbage. Ensure also that no garbage is on the ground, once your garbage area is properly secure and sanitized will not only keep flies at bay but rats and roaches as well.

Storing Foods: Foods should be stored in containers that are tightly sealed.

Leaves and grass clippings: Don’t allow leaves or grass clippings to decay near your home.

A Bonus Point for You

Keeping your home clean and sanitized will not only discourage house flies but rats and roaches as well.

Insecticides: There are many insecticide brands that are formulated for house fly control, however, be careful when using some of these insecticides around kids and pets. Ensure when storing these insecticides they are properly installed in a cool ventilated area out of the reach of children. Only use insecticides that were formulated for housefly control.

Sticky Traps: These straps are strips of sticky paper that can be laid down or hung throughout your home.

Light Traps: Light traps are used to attract flies, these traps are boxes with a light in the back, flies that move towards the light seeking to make contact will either be trapped or killed with an electrical shock or zap. This depends on the type of trape that’s used. however. These traps should be mounted 5 feet off the floor and away from windows and entryways.

Flowers and Herbs: As beautiful as flowers are and as fragrance as herbs can keep flies at bay, plant these listed herbs and flowers in your garden and around your home. Some of these include lavender, catnip, basil, marigold, bay leaves, sage, rosemary, Lemon balm, mint, tansy, venus fly trap, etc… the sent of herbs will not help to keep house flies at bay but you will have these herbs at your fingertips to flavor your favorite food recipes.

Home-Made Remedies for House Fly Control: There are many homemade remedies that can be used to control house flies some of which includes, 2 tablespoons of salt to a glass of water. Stir well and add to a 32 oz spray bottle, use this mixture where flies are spotted. Another remedy can be mixing 1-2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and spraying around the house to keep flies at bay but caution should be taken where kids and pets are present.

Orange peels can be used to make tea but can also be used to deter flies, how this is done? tie orange peels in a piece of cloth and hang cloths in areas where you have fly issues. Dish and soap liquids are effective against flies, thoroughly mix a few drops of dish soap in about an inch of apple cider vinegar, this should be mixed in a glass. Cover the glass with a plastic warp followed by securing the plastic with a rubber band next poke a few small holes in the top. Once flies pick up on the vinegar they will be attracted followed by flying in the glass through the holes but will not be able to get out. Another method is to mix 1 tsp of ginger powder in a cup of water, stir well, and sprinkle this solution in areas where flies have been spotted in your kitchen.

The final word on how to keep flies out of your house

House flies can be brought under control, it’s all a matter of following this guide to rid your home of these pests. I believe that at some point we all had to deal with these uninvited guests invading our homes. What I love about these methods is they are so simple, effective, and easy to implement, why not follow this guide that will give the results you’re looking for? This guide can also be used to control roaches and rats. By following this guide you will also be making a positive contribution not only to the environment but to our ecosystem as well.


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