How To Make A Healing Garden

Creating a Garden that Promotes Health

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The world of gardening serves so many functions from edible gardens to water gardens, flower gardens, ornamental gardens, container gardens, seaside gardens, etc… it seems like there is no end to garden creativity that serves their individual purposes and brings along with them a multitude of benefits. One such garden we will be discussing is the creation of a healing garden.

Research has proven how gardens can have a positive effect on our mental as well as our physical state, according to one such study that was done many years ago by healthcare professionals two patients were placed in separate rooms, the first patient was placed in a room where there was no window whereas the second patient was placed in another room that had a window which overlooked a beautiful garden.

The patient that was placed in the room that overlooked this beautiful garden recover faster than the patient whose room did not have a window. This is one study among many that proves the healing effect a garden can have, many hospitals have healing gardens installed because of the many benefits these gardens offer. Keep reading to see how you can install your very own healing garden to promote health both mentally and physically.

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1. The Location

When deciding to create a healing garden locate an area that gets about 6-8 hours of sunlight, although garden plants have different light, soil, and water requirements what you want is to group plants that have the same requirements.

2. Choosing your plants

Your choice of plants depends on the amount of space that’s available, go for a mixture of bright colors because a garden that’s designed in this way is well pleasing to the eyes, restful, and peaceful giving a positive effect. If you’re interested in a garden that’s buzzing with activity then I would suggest installing beautiful flowering plants that will attract wildlife and pollinators.

Some of these plants can include lantanas, zinnias, marigolds, pentas, blue daze, golden dewdrops, bougainvilleas, mandevillas, hibiscus, butterfly bush, daffodil, bluebell flowers, dandelion, chrysanthemum, daisies, dahlias, amaryllismexican heather, lilacs, peonies, hoya, sunflowers, verbena, honeysuckle, yellow elder flowers, angle trumpet, geraniums, begonia, etc… Installing an insect hotel or a bird house and a bird bath will create an environment that will also attract pollinators and wildlife like a magnet. If you don’t have much space for your healing garden then the use of containers can help with this there are many containers that come in and array of colors, shapes, and sizes that can be used.

3. Planting some Trees and Shrubs

A few shrubs and trees can also be included, this will create interest because whereas flowering plants may grow at eye level trees and shrubs brings a fresh new flavor by growing above our eye level which will help to shape and frame the overall garden design. Trees and shrubs can also be a place of invitation for wildlife to rest, and raise their young along with taking cover from predators and the elements such as heavy rain, extreme heat, windy conditions, and cold weather.

4. Include Medical Plants

A healing garden can include medicals plants, plants such as mint, rosemary, chives, basil, thyme, garlic, tarragon, dill, parsley, lavender, etc… can be consumed by making teas or used as flavoring or seasoning in your favorite food recipes. Herbs carry an amazing aroma and delightful flavors that will excite your taste buds. Herbs are also filled with vitamins that can help to bring healing. Talk about having the best of both worlds.

5. Garden Furniture

The installation of beautiful garden furniture is a must because you need to spend time in your healing garden where you can kick back and relax, I love these beautiful garden furniture pieces that are a plus to your healing garden oasis.

6. The Sound of Running Water

There is just something about the sound of trickling water that can bring almost instant relaxation, and the addition of a watering fountain can really bring mental relaxation, I love the sound of running water or water that’s in motion.  A water fountain will add to your overall experience as you spend time outdoors in your private kingdom, installing a water fountain like this one can help to create that sense of freedom as well.

The final word on how to make a healing garden

Installing a healing garden is a great way to promote good health both mentally and physically, these gardens are very easy to install and have so many benefits. Many homeowners are enjoying this garden type that has proven to work wonders. Why not consider creating your very own healing garden that is a great getaway as you connect with nature outdoors and receive the benefits these this garden type offers.


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4 thoughts on “How To Make A Healing Garden”

  1. I always seem to find peace and calm in the garden, specially if there is a water feature with the gentle sound of the water running. So it is great to see it as part of a healing garden. Including herbs and medicinal plants are such great ideas to add to your healing garden.

    Do you have suggestions for specific plants that will attract birds into the garden? Or is it more bird feeders and a bird bath that will attract the birds? I have not come across an insect hotel before, so was fascinated to see what they are. And what a great way to attract bees and butterflies into a garden. I will certainly be looking at including one in my garden.

    • A bird feeder and a bird bath will cause birds to visit your garden, now as for the plants it all depends on your zone. I would say visit your plant nursery and inquire about native plants in your area that attract birds. Who knows they may be carrying some of those plants. I hope that helped.

  2. Thanks for your helpful article. Despite all types of gardens, the healing garden you mentioned is the best. In my opinion, everybody should install one of them especially those who have patients at home. The plants of the healing garden could customize with the personal favorite plants or useful for every person. I agree with the idea of installing a fountain. The sound of water brings mental relaxation and has an effect on our behavior during the day.

    • I am so happy to help and thanks so much for your kind words, I believe everyone home should have one, no matter how small the garden.


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