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A Garden that can fit into your living room

What I love about landscape and gardening is there is something for everyone, no matter how small the space may be or whatever other challenges you are facing there are always ways to work around that and connect with nature in a most awesome way giving nature a helping hand as you beautify your surrounding with plants.

What I also find so amazing about plants is that plants don’t only beautify and bring change to that drab look but can also be used for food, medicine, purifying the air that we breathe and so many other things that it is just mind-blowing.

In this article, we will be looking at a garden that can literally fit into your living room which is so unique. This garden is known as a Kokedama garden.

Whats the definition of Kokedama garden?

Kokedama is a Japanese word which means moss ball. It is a ball that is formed from soil covered with moss and held together with strings which plants are grown. These small garden space had its origin in Japan and is a very popular to this day.

How to make a Kokedama hanging garden

now let’s get down and dirty as we create a thing of beauty known as the Kokedama garden.

Creating a Kokedama is very simple just follow this steps for your Kokedama hanging garden success.

What you will need

  • Peat moss
  • String
  • Water
  • Sheet moss
  • Bonsai Soil
  • String
  • Small plant

Best plants to use for Kokedama hanging garden

Here are a few plants that can be used, there are more.

  • Bromeliads
  • Spider plants
  • ZZ plants
  • Mother in law tongue
  • Pothos
  • Begonia
  • Bird nest fern
  • Cock skrew croton

How to make a Kokedama hanging garden

1. Half both peat moss and bonsai soil and mix thoroughly together.

2. Next, add just enough water to dampen the soil.

3. Then form a ball with this soil, make sure that the soil ball is well formed and binding together.

4. With your fingers dig a hole in the center of the soil ball.

5. Place plant to be used in the hole, make sure that roots of plants are not destroyed doing transplanting procedures.

6. Cover the entire ball with sheet moss, carefully and gently press moss into the soil.

7. Next, wrap ball with a string. Make sure that all sides are stringed.

8. To hang the Kokedama cut another long piece of string and tie it on both sides of your Kokedama ball.

9. Hang up your Kokedama in a partially shaded area and mist plant with a spray bottle.

10. When it is time to give your plant a good drink of water check soil and moss for dryness. Soak Kokedama soil ball in a bucket of water for about 5 to 8 minutes.

11. Remove the plant from the bucket and let drip dry before hanging up again.

Final word

The Kokedama hanging gardens are so stylish and can really add flavor to brighten up that area with its beauty and colors. Give this garden a try. Trust me you will be glad that you did.

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