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Tips and tricks with using plastic bottles

Plants-planted-plastic-bottle-plastic bottle garden
Plastic bottle garden-creating-extra-space

It is so wonderful to know that we can take our gardens to the next level and save money at the same time. Who would have ever thought that just a few years back we would have all of these amazing ideas that work wonders in our gardens?

I believe the generation past would be surprised to see how far we have come in improving our gardens by using many household products that are found around our home. These new ideas are great because we get to save and reuse these plastic bottles instead of throwing them in the garbage, using them in creative ways in our gardens. By getting creative we are saving $$$$$$$ and I believe because of that this is smart gardening.

Don’t trash the gold use it

Plastic bottles come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, These bottles normally contain water, juice, soft drinks, cleaning products, etc… but what I have discovered is these bottles can be reused or recycle in our gardens which I believe is a win-win situation for us.

Plastic bottle ideas

1. In the photo above a good example is given of plastic bottles that can be used to provide extra space to install garden plants such as annuals.

2. Living in an apartment with limited space the consider using plastic bottles on the balcony or the kitchen counter is great for planting a herb garden.

3. Attaching a plastic bottle to a hose acts as an irrigation system that can save water.

4. What about removing the top of your bottle punching four holes at the top, one hole on either side pushing a piece of string through each hole then filling the bottle with seeds and hanging it in a nearby tree. This makes a good bird feeder.

5. Plastic bottles can be used as seed trays. Just remove the bottom of the bottle, then fill the bottle with soil adding seeds. This is an inexpensive way to start your plants from seeds.

6. Use plastic bottles to direct water into the plant’s root zone. Dig a hole next to your garden plant ( this trick is good for herbs and succulent plants). Punch holes in the plastic bottle. Place the bottle next to the plant and bury it with the top of the bottle about an inch-inch and a half above the ground.

Now when it is time to water your plant pour water into the bottle that is buried on the side of your plant. This is a very effective way to direct water into the plant’s root zone.

7. A  great idea is to use plastic bottles as hanging planters. Again you can save money as you get creative by using this method. Many people like this idea, this idea is also good if you have limited space.

Who says you can’t have a hanging garden. Try this on for size and I am sure that your families, friends, and neighbors will love it and will want in on the action also.

Plastic bottle- hanging- planter-Plastic bottle garden ideas
Plastic bottle hanging planters

This is very simple to do, just follow this example and you will be on your way to your hanging planter oasis if I can use that word. The world of plastic is pretty amazing. Don’t you think so?

8. Get creative with your plastic bottle and create funny faces using them as planters is a fun way to pass the time

as those creative juices start to flow. Family and friends will find this to be entertaining, who knows they may want to give this a try.

Plastic bottle-funny-faces-plastic bottle funny faces
Funny faces plastic bottle

So create your funny face, trust me your kids will love this and will want to do the seem also. I believe this is a great way to teach our kids about nature and the many benefits that nature has to offer.

9. Don’t have a watering can or jug, not a problem this is an inexpensive way to give your thirsty plants a drink. Punch holes in the top of a plastic bottle to use as a water jug or watering can. I believe this is a pretty cool idea. This would have been great growing up in my day because as far as I could remember when I had my little garden

I used something else I think it may have been a bucket filled with water to water my garden and you know as a child carrying around a bucket of water was not easy but I guess I did not mine because my little garden was doing so well.

This is another great idea that can be tried at home that is so effective in giving you the same results as using a water jug or watering can so the next time you buy that bottle of water or milk remember don’t trash the gold.

10. Don’t have the planting space to install a herb garden no problem because your plastic bottles have come

to the rescue making life easier. Try this idea and I am sure you will spruce up your foods with freshly grown herbs picked from your garden using plastic bottles.

Herbs growing in plastic bottles-how-to-make-a-plastic-bottle-garden
Herbs growing in plastic bottles

This is pretty neat, I love it and I  know you will also. When I came across this idea it was really amazing that I  had to share it with you. What do you think? Do you like it?

This is so simple and the best part is that it did not cause you much, this is pretty cool.

11. How about creating a bottle garden you can place on your kitchen countertop or another part of your home that gets some sunlight.

I believe this is neat and it will help in giving that added flavor. This reminds me of building a terrarium garden. Here is the link to the terrarium garden. Just follow and you will be on your way

to owning these beautiful planters. Imagine constructing several of these planters and placing them in different parts of your home. This will look amazing so give it a try I am sure you will love it. This makes a good project for both adults and kids. You can even get creative and experiment just go for it and let those creative juices flow.

Now a twist to this is terrarium gardens use glass jars, fish tanks, and other glass shapes jars so a plastic bottle may not carry the same effect so this can be an idea for glass jars or a fish aquarium that may be lying around your home.

12. Self-watering your plants can save time. This method is really awesome and I know you will think so too. This technique works well for container-grown plants.

Fill a gallon bottle with water and place the bottle next to the container. Next, get a long string and place the string inside the bottle of water then dig a 2-inch hole between the plant and pot’s edge.

Place the other end of the string in the hole and bury it. Ensure that the string is straight and is aligned with the soil. The string should be taut, refilled jug as water is used up.

The final word

It is so good to recycle plastic bottles and to be able to use them to our advantage. There is an old saying that goes “a dollar saved is a dollar earn” and I believe this is so true because if you can save a dollar then that’s a dollar earned.

These are some really great tips that can help. Think about it the money you spend to purchase herbs can be grown from your kitchen counter saving you a few dollars that can go towards something else.

Also over time that saved money will grow, it may be a small investment but it is an investment that is worth giving a try so go ahead, give these tips a try. You will be glad that you did.


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