How To Make A Toad House For The Garden

Easy Steps to Creating a Toad House

How To Make A Tod House For The Garden-a toad-in-a-toad-house
A toad house

What makes a garden pretty amazing besides the many plant species is attracting wildlife along with a diversity of insects, this community is considered a biodiversity community that helps to bring balance to the ecosystem. One such amphibian that is attracted to a garden setting is toads, the natural habitats of toads are, grasslands, fields, woodlands, hedgerows, and sand dues. These little garden creatures spend the earlier part of their lives underwater as eggs and then tadpoles and the later part of their lives are spent on land.

Toads can be identified and are different from frogs, toads have short legs, large bumps, and dry leathery skin and prefer to crawl where as frogs have longer legs, smooth slimy skin, and loves to jump. Frogs and toads belong to two separate families, we will be taking a closer look at how to make a toad house for the garden.

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How to Make a Toad House for the Garden Out of a Clay Pot

  • Making a  toad house is simple, kids will love to be a part of this project, a toad house can be made from a clay flower pot or a food container that’s made from plastic
  • The toad house should be located in an area that’s shaded because toads are attracted by garden plants and insects,  the house should be installed near plants that have low-hanging leaves or under a shrub
  • If you’re using a clay pot then place the clay pot on its side under the shrub or plants with low-hanging leaves
  • Next, bury the lower half of the pot in the soil
  • Once this is done place a handful of leaves in the clay pot, the leaves serve as a comfortable resting place
  • Place a water source near the toad’s house by sinking a small dish into the soil and filling it with water, check the dish on a regular basis to ensure it remains filled at all times

How to Make a Toad House for the Garden Out of a Plastic Container

  • To make a toad house out of  a plastic container, with a scissor or a sharp knife cut an entryway into the plastic container
  • Next place the container upside down on the soil, now place a rock on top of the container
  • Now place some leaves inside of the container, the downside when using a plastic container is a plastic container is not as cool when used for a toad house. A clay pot will not attract heat like a plastic container

Toad Houses

Another great idea is to purchase a ready-made toad house which is so stylish, check out this list of beautifully designed toad houses.

Toad Fun Facts

How To Make A Toad House For The Garden-a-toad
A Toad
  • A group of toads is often called a knot
  • Toads will hibernate during the wintertime
  • Toads are smart creatures, they will play dead if they feel threatened by predators or puff themselves up to appear bigger
  • It’s recorded that “toads consume more than 100 insects and slugs in a single day”
  • Toads don’t have teeth so they swallow their food whole
  • A toad’s life starts in the water but ends on the land, the cane toad is considered to be toxic
  • Toads are mainly active during nighttime
  • “It’s recorded that the American toad can consume up to 1000 insects per day”
  • Toads have sticky tongues
  • Toads drink water through a pouch on their abdomen called a seat patch
  • Toads can be found on every continent except Antarctica

A Bonus Pint Just for You

If the toad does not show up right away you can speed up the process by visiting shady woodland areas that are cool or along stream banks.

The final word on how to make a toad house for the garden

Creating a toad house is that simple, I believe kids will love this project as they watch toads take up residence in the garden, this is a great way to get children interested in wildlife as they learn the many fun facts about toads besides being able to tell the difference between a frog and a toad. Toads play a part in and help to bring balance to our eco-system so let’s help them by providing a home for them in our garden as they do their part by helping to reduce garden insect pests population.


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