How to Make Money Growing Flowers

Growing Flowering Plants for Profit$

How To Make Money Growing Flowers-zinnia-flowers
Zinnia Garden Flowers

A nice bouquet of flowers can brighten anybody’s day, floral arrangements seem to speak to us with words such as I love you, hope you get better or thank you for your support, I am thinking of you and so on.

A beautiful Foral arrangement says something special to that special one it’s no wonder why growing flowers are a big business. Without even saying a word these arrangements will go to work for us.

Over the years flower farming has gained popularity and many people are testing the waters in this industry and are having much success with cultivating and selling their flowers for profit.

This side hustle can be turned into a full-time business as long as you have the know-how. If you want to find out how this is done then stick around as you learn how to grow flowers for profit.

7 Unique Ides to Grow Flowers to Make a Profit

1. Florist

These days many florist shops are popping up the reason for this is because becoming a florist is big business. This is a great place to start testing the waters, turn your backyard into a money-maker by growing flowering plants, and selling them at a great price to different florist shops.

However, find out which flowering plants are sold mostly, where they are purchase and how much is spent on these flowers. Ask if they would consider doing business with you if you can deliver the same quality flowers at a lower price.

2. Wedding and Events

This is another great side hustle, just contact wedding and event planners. Let them know what you are willing to offer and ask them if they would consider doing business with you.

3. You’re local supermarkets

There are many grocery stores that sell beautiful floral arrangements, why not talk to the person or persons who are in charge. Educate them on what you have to offer and if they would consider doing business with you if you sell your flowers at a reasonable price.

4. Farmers market

A farmers market is a great place to meet potential customers and close the sale. Speak with the manager and find out how you can get set up, the rules and regulations providing there is space. Let them know what you have to offer.

5. Restaurant

Getting restaurants to purchase your flowers is very profitable. This is a huge market and can make you a comfortable income. Ask to speak with management and find out if they would support your business provided you give them what they are looking for at a reduced price.

6. Hotels

This is another great market to tap into, hotel lobby’s, front desk, bathrooms, dining areas, rooms, etc.. are always decorated with flowers. With a market like this, you are bound to win ensure however that once they are willing to give you a try you are able to deliver high-quality flowers.

7. Specialist

Become an expert at growing certain types of flowers that the competition is not offering and take it to your market. If you are really good and your flowers are healthy and blooming then you have just set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

Best Flowers to Grow for Profit

Here is a list of some of the best flowers to grow for profit.

How To Make Money Selling Flowers-floral-arrangements
Floral Arrangements

The final word

Creating a flower business can be very profitable as long as you know which flowers you’re growing along with some marketing skills to promote, sell, and grow your business. Your work might be cut out for you but once you do your homework well you will have much success as you grow and deliver high-quality flowers to your market. This is a great business to start and grow from your backyard so utilize that space by turning it into a moneymaker you will be so happy that you did.



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4 thoughts on “How to Make Money Growing Flowers”

  1. This is truly a great opportunity for starting a business in a very creative way.  Many people grow flowers, but I bet few thinks about turning it into a business.  I love the idea of becoming an expert in growing certain types of flowers that are not the norm with the competition.   I know this information will be very beneficial as you continue to share it online.  I must say this article has me considering growing flowers as a business especially since I am retired.  Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Hello, I believe if you love a hobby and good at it then why not turn that hobby into a business that way you get the best of both worlds engaging in a hobby you love and making a profit also. I am so happy to help and wishing you the best of success.

  2. I have a large garden. but it never occurred to me that I could have an income from growing flowers in the garden, My only concern is how would I know what flowers are going to be in demand as the “fashionable flowers seem to change regularly and with the variable weather is it really feasible to be a success.

    • Yes you can turn your garden into a money maker. Do your research to find out what mostly your local florist sells or what is in demand and from there make your plants accordling and go for it. All the best of success.


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